Shelby Wallace

Front Desk Staff

Shelby was born in Modesto and raised in Valley Springs. She grew up in an active family, with a Mom who LOVED The Firm home workout videos and would do them on the daily, and a Dad who is an avid cyclist.
Shelby moved to Southern California at 17 to go to Bible College. She graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College with her Associates Degree in Theology. Shelby felt the pull back to Modesto, and given the fact that her maiden name is Veneman, she moved back. (Modesto has a street named "Veneman")
Shelby has always loved the idea of being fit, and incorporated fitness into her regular lifestyle. Shelby has worn many hats and worked for In N Out, Apple, a Commercial Real Estate company and various other odd jobs before she realized her love for fitness and passion for knowing and helping clients at Get Fit.
Shelby met her husband Reece at a church camp when they 12, even though he swears he doesn't remember it. They "met" again in 2011 and fell in love and got married. They adopted Helena and Stella, their doggers, and completed their family. Reece and Shelby love their life, family, and community that they have built in Modesto. They love to travel and adventure to new places as much as possible.