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Run Fit


Run Inspired... Live Inspired


Join us as we train as a team for our summer session where we will be participating in a few local 5K's and Wharf to Wharf. For more info or to sign up contact




Run Fit is a place for all levels of runners to start or improve their running journey. This positive community of people will help you achieve your running goals! Weekly training plans consisting of speed work, strength and distance. We love participating in local runs that benefit our community: You'll for sure see us at the Modesto Marathon and Peace Officers Memorial Run. We also love having fun and traveling out of the area to run in races like: Wharf to Wharf, Nike Womens and Big Sur. 


Call or Text: (209) 606-8256





Fit Coaching

Fit Coaching was born out of a need, a need from clients who are seeking direction, accountability and motivation in the area of nutrition and whole health. This is an individualized approach, to meet each client where they are on their journey towards whole health. Your fit coach will provide you with one-on-one coaching through nutrition and lifestyle choices, along with weekly sit down meetings, accountability logs, suggested meal plans, recipes and other lifestyle tools to help you achieve balance in your life. Whether you are starting your journey, need a reset, struggling to find balance or want to challenge yourself. We believe we need to treat each person with bio-individuality, meaning not one “plan” works best for everyone. Let’s work on finding what works best for you. This is not just about nutrition and fitness but about the whole person.

email to schedule your free consultation.



Personal Training


Our program is made up of skilled, knowledgeable, certified trainers who have a heart for people. Our trainers walk alongside their clients, no matter where they are in their health journey. They educate them on how to best take care of their body as well as challenge their fitness levels. We understand there is no "get fit quick" scheme in life. Each person is different with different goals, motivations and needs. Our trainers teach and monitor form to ensure their clients are performing every exercise correctly. They also make sure clients are using a challenging yet manageable weight to get the results they are looking for. We take pride in our trainers and skills they provide Get Fit's personal training team. We know our clients are in great hands.


To schedule a free consultation with one of our personal trainers please call or text (209)606-8256 or email




AFA Challenge Fit


 The AFA Challenge Fit training program will help prepare you both mentally and physically for the obstacles you’ll encounter at a Spartan Race. The program will include 4 Saturday morning workouts from 7:00am-8:30am at locations near Modesto, CA. All fitness levels and ages are encouraged to attend.


The trainings will be led by a certified Spartan SGX Coach, trainers from Get Fit Modesto and coaches from Athletes For Adoption. Workouts are designed to simulate race day conditions and will include a variety of exercises to improve overall fitness, mental strength and teamwork. There will be coaching on necessary gear, clothing, shoes as well as how to keep your body hydrated and fueled for a Spartan Race. The coaches and trainers have all been 1st time obstacle course racers and truly have a heart for helping others achieve their goals!


The Athletes For Adoption Challenge Fit team was created as a partnership between Athletes For Adoption and Get Fit Modesto. Athletes For Adoption is a fundraising team that participates in athletic events like obstacle course racing and along the way helps raise money for God’s Grace Adoption Ministry, INC in Modesto. Your registration fee for this training program will actually be donated by Get Fit Modesto to God’s Grace Adoption Ministry!



Boot Camp

Holiday Survivor

Nov 25 - Dec 16

-Meal Plans

-Flexibility + Balance with your busy Holiday schedule

-15 meals from our partners at Go Fresh

-$300 for Members only

-Survive with your tribe

Contact with any questions.

Instagram #bootcampbygetfit




Food Fit

Our next season kicks off Aug 19.

Classes are on Mondays at either 12:30PM or 6:30PM (Hybrid Boot Campers can only attend 6:30 PM class)

6 weeks of Education. 30 days of Fuel Food with 10 days of reintroduction to find out what your body is tolerant & intolerant of. 

Meal plans. Recipes. Shopping Lists. Accountability Coach. 

Local and Online packages available. 

Get ready to take your NUTRITION to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Phone(209) 606-8256 


Kid Fit by Get Fit

Join us for a fun, sweaty, kid fit workout! A workout designed to keep your kids engaged, moving and excited about health and taking care of their bodies. Our heart is to help kids realize the value of how wonderfully their bodies were made, how to move their bodies and the value of taking care of their "vehicle" through life. Our mission is to move people towards whole health.... and that includes your kids!!


Financial Fit

Boot Camp for your finances. Let's work together to lift your debt away!