Michelle Kendrick

Boot Camp Director / NASM Certified Trainer


I grew up very active playing sports since a early age all the way through high school. You would find me on the soccer field, track or volleyball court. I am highly competitive and that drive has carried over in to Spartan Racing where I completed my Trifecta for 2014. My journey with Get Fit runs deep as I started to quickly become unhealthy after having my first of 3 children. Gaining 75 lbs I needed a answer. I found Mommy & Me, now Mom Fit, a program within Get Fit, and my life has been forever changed. Two more kids later, I am happy, healthy, and back to my competitive self. I am a NASM certified personal trainer as well as TRX qualified. I love to help others and give back what I have learned. I am so blessed to be the Director of our Boot Camp program where I get to be a part of changing lives. When I am not training at Get Fit or working out with the members at Get Fit, you will find me staying busy as a wife to a supportive husband, mom to 3 active little ones and involved in our church. I love the Lord, I love my family and I love my Get Fit Family!