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Join a true community of REAL people having fun and getting fit together! You will meet great people, and excellent trainers who will push you and encourage you!


How to get started:


1. Sign up here


2. Check out our full class schedule.


3. Pick your first class.


4. Show up 10 min before class to meet the trainer and get your key card.


5. Get ready to become addicted!






Unlimited Membership $109/month


This gives you access to all of our fabulous classes: Each class is led by a certified personal trainer who is focused on ensuring you get the most out of every workout. No long term contracts- cancel at any time with just 30 days notice.


3x's week $99/month: Train in up to 3 classes per week


Points Card $109/10 classes: Expires 3 months from purchase


Drop-In $15/class


Couples Unlimited Membership $195/month: Unlimited membership for both members


How is this different from a gym? We don't expect you to come in and "train yourself." We provide you with personal trainers leading fantastic classes that will motivate and inspire you. While 60% of gym memberships go unused- we have a really high use/success rate...96% to be exact! Why? Because this is a place where people are banding together to get healthy! Are you ready to find something that really works? Well search no further and join the Get Fit Community today!


Childcare $20/month for up to 4 kids