Kristin Wiebe

NASM Certified Trainer

I am Kristin Wiebe, and I have always been active and full of energy. I found exercise as an escape between college and work, and it quickly became a part of my everyday. After having children, I was introduced to instructing and haven’t stopped since. As a group exercise instructor for 14 years, I primarily taught spin and weight training classes, daily. I have enthusiasm and passion for encouraging others to share in this lifestyle. As an experienced trainer, I walked into Get Fit a year ago and my eyes were opened to a new world. It was so different. I believed and agreed with the TRX Suspension and immediately became certified. I am also a NASM certified personal trainer. I loved the creativity and options available with the multiple different resources provided at Get Fit. I am able to create exercise routines, with variety and uniqueness, daily. It is exciting to be on a staff that is genuinely there to help clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. I love being a part of a studio that is capable of suiting everyone’s individual needs, regardless of weight, size or necessary modification due to injury. I joined Get Fit training staff in January 2014. I have watched the studio drastically grow over this year and I look forward to being a part of its future.