Kayla Frenzel

NASM certified trainer / group and personal trainer


I have been into athletics since I was very young. For as long as I can remember, my Spring/Summer weekends were spent on the softball field, my Fall/Winter weekends were on a volleyball court and all the days in between were spent practicing. Sports were my life. The competitive bug has never left me and now I am able to channel it into clients. I love pushing people past what they ever thought they could do or accomplish. I love watching clients compete with themselves, and crush that voice inside them that says "you're not good enough, strong enough or capable enough." My passions lie in the victories. The mental and physical victories that people overcome daily in our studio. It's empowering.


When I am not training or making people to ample amounts of burpees, I enjoy spending time with my husband and adorable nephews. If you catch me on a bad day it's usually because I haven't had an adequate amount of coffee or my peanut butter jar was found empty.