Katie Butler

NASM Certified Trainer


Being a former high school and college athlete, I was familiar with pushing my body to its limit, but I was terrible at properly fueling it. It wasn't until doing a Get Fit Bootcamp in January 2014, that I learned how to nourish myself (and my family) with clean foods. I lost 17 pounds & 19 inches during my bootcamp season, and gained a passion for what Get Fit has to offer. I love feeling strong and knowing that I am doing the right thing for my body and educating my family in the process.


I homeschool our 3 active sons, and we stay extremely busy with their various sports throughout the year. (Being outnumbered 4 to 1 is why you will probably catch me with a bow in my hair!) I love being a boy mom and rely on the energy I get from eating healthy and exercising at Get Fit.


I joined the Get Fit training team in May 2014 and have felt extremely blessed to be a part of it. Being a member of this awesome team has motivated me to maintain the lifestyle changes I learned during bootcamp and further my fitness education. I became TRX Qualified in July 2014 and a NASM certified personal trainer in 2015.