Jamie Griswold

Training Director / NASM Certified Trainer

I am beyond blessed to be the Training Director at Get Fit, as well as a NASM certified personal trainer, TRX qualified trainer and Rock Body Bootcamp Coach. As an avid soccer player and gymnast my whole life, I have always been an athletic person. However there was a time in my life when I stopped playing sports and lost all passion for fitness. It was then that I found myself more than 100 lbs overweight. I had completely lost my passion for life and really lost that athlete that I once was. It wasn't until I discovered Get Fit that I started to slowly get that passion back. As the weight came off, the athlete in me started to come back and with it came my passion for life. Once the flame was ignited, my passion for health and fitness has sparked a fire in me that cannot be put out. I absolutely love helping people reach their full potential in health, fitness and in life. When I'm not training or working out at Get Fit, you can find me on the soccer field, running Spartan Races(AROO!) or spending time with my husband and two kids.