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What does a typical workout entail?

Typical workout? First off there is nothing "typical" about Get Fit...refreshing right? Things are always getting shaken up here at Get Fit. You can attend classes daily for months without ever having the same workout twice.

Most workouts are done in a circuit style training technique and last 45 minutes. This means that you will go through a series of exercises for a limited amount of time (1-2 minutes), and rotate through a full body workout, while emphasizing specific muscle groups, several times. This means you never get bored and your body will continue to become leaner, faster and stronger.
If your wondering whether you can get a great workout in 45 minutes, trust us- YOU WILL!
Every workout will be tailored to your unique fitness level and injuries. We will also be careful to avoid injuries and ensure you stay motivated, strong, healthy and happy. You will learn what signs your body puts out that mean "get a modification" and what the signs are that you CAN "Push Through!"


What is your training style?

An Incredible one. Get Fit uses the avant-garde concept of muscle confusion, to transform your body's shape to its optimal potential. We offer state of the art training techniques using infusions of strength training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, boxing, functional training, suspension fitness, and non-traditional cardio. We offer over 70 fitness classes per week and we make sure you get the results you want without getting bored. Check out our class schedule!


Are all trainers certified?

Our lead training staff are all nationally certified personal trainers as well as holding TRX qualifications. Many have other specilaty certifications and qualifications in addition to the above two. More than their training knowledge, our team has a genuine love for people. Most of them are "products of the product" and have come to be on the Get Fit team beacuse they fell in love with the way that Get Fit changed their life and they wanted to help change the lives of others. You can't put a pricetag on the passion and true selflessness that they all embody. There isn't a certification in the world that can teach that. 


How is Get Fit different from a gym?

We know that more than 65% of traditional gym memberships go unused. We think people get frustrated and lack motivation for traditional gyms for several reasons:

  • They are unsure what to do.

  • They can only push themselves so far.

  • Most aren't experts at fitness, they don't see results, so they give up.

  • Gyms don't address the issue of our mindset.

  • Gyms are all about the impulse purchase and use long term contracts to tie you down. Why? Because they know that most of you would cancel after a couple of months if not seeing results!

Get Fit is committed to helping you achieve the motivation you need to get in, get inspired, and get fit. If Get Fit isn't the right place for you give us 30 days notice and it's that simple... No tricks, no sales pitch, no long term contract. We want people at Get Fit who love Get Fit, not people who are there because they are stuck in a contract. The people who are a part of our community are here for a PURPOSE. Their energy and kindness is contagious. 


Do I have to sign a contract?

We believe that everyone has choices. We all have shifts and changes in our lives, and we want everyone who is training at Get Fit to WANT to be here! Everyone who is here is committed to changing their body and getting healthy, that creates such a positive, encouragaing atmoshpere every time you step into the studio.


I haven't worked out in years, is Get Fit for me?

So many people feel like they have to lose weight or get in shape before they start exercising or training. Don't believe the lie! At Get Fit you will find people at all fitness levels, at all weights, and at various stages of transformation. Sometimes you may come in and make assumptions about where people started off - don't! A few people came here in great shape, most came here woefully out of shape and have been able to transform their bodies. Be sure to check out our blog for fun before and after pictures of a few of our REAL clients.




Do you offer childcare?


Childcare Hours:

    • Morning hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30-11:15am

    • Afternoon hours: Monday-Friday: 3:30-7:15pm

    • Saturday: 8:00am - 10:45am



Childcare Cost:

    • $10 per month (includes up to 4 children)

    • $2.00 for each additional child



Childcare ages:

  • 6 months old +


  • Childcare Team:


Each childcare Team member is dedicated to creating a fun, safe and creative experience for your child while you get healthier with each workout at Get Fit! They are all CPR certified and have childcare experience. We have hand selected wonderful people that we truly trust to care for our children and are excited for them to meet yours!