Brianna Bossard

Vegan Boot Camp Coach

Brianna (Bri) is a "forever student", she has her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, is currently getting her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work, and plans on becoming a Health Coach certified in Plant-Based Nutrition after obtaining her Master's Degree in May. After she graduates, she will also begin to get her hours to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in hopes to have her own therapy practice.

She has been going to Get Fit since 2013 (completing two 8-week Boot Camps and one 4-week Boot Camp). In 2017 she became the Plant-Based Boot Camp Coach and co-creator of the plant-based menus, along with her boyfriend Gaston. She and Gaston have been plant-based since 2015 and have had nothing but amazing mental and physical results! Before going plant-based, Brianna had been battling pre-cancer for three years; after being plant-based for a year she had more biopsies done and the pre-cancer was gone!

Besides being passionate about physical and mental health, she is also a major foodie, loves her family more than anything else in the world, and is an aspiring crazy cat lady. If you ever see her in the studio give her a high five, she loves those too!