You Should Go and Love Yourself


There is a lot of great stuff out there about love. Some of my favorite things to explore in counseling with couples or individuals in relationships are the works by the Milan and Kay Yerkovich, in How We Love, and Gary Chapman’s work with The 5 Love Languages. Both sites have quizzes you can take for better self awareness. Both are great resources.

However, there is something about loving well that can be said about those who loves themselves well. Now, I don’t mean making yourself the center of your own universe, but I do mean appreciating who you are and taking care of YOU! I was cracking up earlier today when my boy was working on his valentines for school and had a few extra and decided to make one for himself.

To: Sawyer

From: Sawyer


Written on these cute batman valentines (which he loves). I told him there are for others, and he asked why can’t I have one for me, I like them? To which, I thought, “of course you can give one to yourself”.

It is kind of cliché, but what about us as adults? What can we give ourselves? Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s a pedicure, a workout, coffee with a friend, or maybe it’s a book to take us deeper into understanding who we are, and how God wired us, so we can better love others. Whatever it is, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, from others and from yourself, treat yourself well.