Why more than just your heart should be PUMPED for Heart Rate Training


New for 2017:

Be the first to experience Get Fit Heart Rate Training

15 seasons of boot camp by Get Fit. 15 seasons of life change. 15 seasons of people pursuing whole health. Each season better than the last.

Season 16 will be no exception and here’s why:

With each new season, we are determined to better personalize boot camp to you, no matter your fitness level or goals.

We are thrilled to announce that Get Fit will be offering Heart Rate Training to Season 16 boot campers. Yep, that’s right! Heart rate monitors, real-time feedback on the TVs, post-workout emails with performance results…are you screaming with excitement yet? I know I am! This new tool is going to help you get the most out of your 45-minute workout and increase the level of accountability between you and your coach.

Only for Boot Campers

You, as a boot camper, will be the only one with access to our heart rate training system with no additional mark up to boot camp cost. You will only need to purchase or provide a heart rate monitor.

Need help finding the right one?

The front desk will be selling chest-strap heart rate monitors for $35 plus tax.

How it Works

You will meet with your coach prior to the first week of boot camp for measurements and fit testing. They will explain heart rate training and personalize this new tool to fit your body and fitness goals. As soon as you have your heart rate monitor in hand, you can register it on our website and create a profile. It will be so easy!

Now comes the fun part. Before each class, strap on your heart rate monitor. After you check in at the front desk, the sensors in our studio will detect you are here and ready to kick butt. Your name will pop up on our TV in a colored box. You will see your current heart rate, heart rate zone, percentage of max heart rate, and calories burned. Throughout your workout, this real-time feedback will show you when you need to push harder and when you need to recover based on your fitness goals.

Ten minutes after your workout, you will receive an email containing your workout performance. You and your coach will review this information and use it to personalize your workout even better reach your fitness goals. Are you dreaming? No, this is really happening!

Why You Need It

Our heart at Get Fit is to see each and every one of you crush your goals. We believe that heart rate training is going to help you do just that. This new tool offers a more personalized workout and increased accountability between you and your coach.

Heart rate training will allow you to:

  • Know your body. The real-time feedback on the TVs coupled with the guidance of your boot camp coach will help you understand how your body works in ways you have never realized.
  • Maximize your workout. Whether you are a level 1 or level 3, heart rate training can be personalized to give you that extra push towards reaching your fitness goals. o The real-time feedback on the TVs will motivate you to work harder when you feel like you are slowing down.
  • Measure your results. Just like your boot camp coach gets to see all of your food pictures, they will now get to see all of your workout results. This will allow you and your coach to work together to track your progress and help you reach your goals.

How Can I Be A Part of Heart Rate Training?

You don’t want to miss out on this. If you’d like to sign up for season 16 of boot camp or have questions, email bootcamp@getfitmodesto.com If you’re looking to purchase the best heart rate monitor for our system, place your order for the chest strap at the front desk.

Get ready Get Fit, heart rate training is coming.