What To Eat For Running Long Distances

When choosing to run a race or train for something we tend to only think about the training we need to do and training alone but actually nutrition is the most important thing to have in line before, during, and after training for a marathon, half marathon etc. Here at Get Fit we are ALL about whole health and with that said, here are a few pointers on nutrition while training:

Leading up to the race you need to make sure your diet is balanced between Protein + Carbs + Fat. Eating more fat leading up to a race will help you endure a longer run. I also recommend that you get a good balance between all of these before you run a race that way the week before race day you know exactly how to fuel your body best with what foods.

Lets talk about pre race, during race, and post race fuel (food).

Pre Race Evening Before - Protein + Fat + Carbs

Example of a Meal the night before race:

Pre-race Evening meal is 5 ounces of salmon or chicken cooked in grass fed butter or coconut oil and topped with a full avocado, served with a sweet potato and a giant salad (carbohydrates).
Snack the night before the race can be a cup of berries with a few tablespoons of coconut milk (full fat) and some almonds.

Pre Race Foods - Protein + Carbs

Example of Breakfast day of race - You do NOT want to add any new foods on race day.

Eggs (protein) cooked in grass fed butter or coconut oil (healthy fat) with cooked vegetables and sweet potato with a banana on the side.

These foods are good examples of items that will fuel your body well Pre Race - Eggs, egg muffins, nuts and jerky, leftover cooked meat, canned fish (tuna), coconut flakes, fruit, sweet potato or other starchy veggies

Wether we are running a half marathon or a full marathon, our bodies will need to be refueled during our race.

During Race - Easy Digestible Fat like MCT Oil + Protein + Slow Break Down Starchy Carbohydrates

Generally at a race you will see all kinds of easy items to eat like GU etc. Those items are generally packed with a lot of chemicals, sugar and non food items that will only lead to headaches and problems after the race. We recommend that you stick to whole foods during your race.

Whole food items that we recommend during your race.-

Coconut oil (MCT OIL) with mashed up banana
Sweet Potato mashed with banana or by itself
Fuel SFH Protein - great source of fat and protein together
Himalayan Salt - natural electrolyte

Your post race food is important for your recovery. Sometimes people justify how many miles they ran with all kinds of junk, alcohol etc and that will only make recovery and sore muscles worse as the day and weeks go on. We want to fuel our muscles and bodies back up with whole real foods that will help with sore muscles and recovery both physical and mental.

Post Race - Protein + Carbs (this is where white rice comes in handy and keeps you from eating everything in site)

Protein such as chicken, tuna, or any other protein, sweet potato or white rice.

From start of training to the finish of your race it is really important to fuel your body with whole nutrient dense foods. Different companies will try and market a lot of supplements and fuel sources for races. Some of them are not bad but at Get Fit we feel that you can be fueled better with whole foods.