Vacation Workouts


Health is a lifestyle, not just an 8 week program or something you practice for a year and then you’re over it. It’s life! Yet it totally doesn’t come naturally right? Can I tell you a secret, just don’t tell anyone because I might have the “fit fam” police come after me and shut down Get Fit… I don’t always “feel” like being healthy, making choices that I know are good for me, or working out regularly. Gasp! Now I can’t take it back, the truth is out there, the veil has been lifted and now you know that I’m not a robot freak who LOVES kale and organic chicken for every meal and LOVES to go beast mode every day of my life. I hope you are oddly encouraged by this statement of truth. If you find it a huge let down that I’m not that way you might want to take your workouts elsewhere and place your trust in someone who lives and breathes beast mode and kale, chicken and kombucha.

Ok, enough joking around but I wanted to let you in on how I make this a lifestyle even though I don’t always WANT to do it. I workout on vacation, I haven’t always worked out on vacation, in fact Jonathan and I would often argue about working out on vacation. He’s kind of more of a beast mode kinda person, he likes to workout on all vacations. I just started joining him the last few years. My excuse “it’s vacation, I don’t want to work out, I just want to veg out and exist” Little did I know that the joke was on me… Once I started making it a part of what I did on vacation I realized that I was enjoying my vacations so much more!!!! Another true confession, Jonathan and I pretty much go on vacation so that we can eat! We are self-proclaimed foodies and love finding new restaurants and indulging in great food while on vacation. So naturally we don’t feel awesome after indulging. But I can tell you that if I get a workout in in the morning I feel so much better throughout the day. Ready to relax and eat without too much guilt and bloating ;) I have to be intentional about it though, I get it in my head that I will workout before I chill. The hardest part is starting. Luckily for us our latest vacation took us to one of God’s most beautiful landscapes, Maui Hawaii. We stayed at a resort with an awesome gym but it happened to be being renovated while we were there so they had a “makeshift” gym that was in a conference room and it consisted of 5 treadmills a few weights and not much more. It was a good reminder to GET OUTSIDE. Especially in a place that was so amazingly breathtaking. I actually felt really bad for the people running on the treadmill, like it was my job to go save them. There was a beautiful running/walking path right along the beach that was approx. 3 miles end to end. When you are on vacation, find something/someplace that motivates you and get outside your box. Don’t just run on the treadmill because that’s what you know, don’t just lift weights because that’s what you know, get creative, get outside your comfort zone and just do it. We were fortunate to be in a beautiful place but also fortunate to go with another awesome couple who we got to workout alongside ☺ We didn’t do the same workout any of the 7 days we were in Maui, we mixed it up but we moved daily.

Here are some of our workouts:

• Beach path run – until the path ended and we ended up running in the sand for longer than any of us like to remember! (Paired with the crazy humidity in Maui during our stay this was especially brutal) Once we got back from our run we did a mini 4 person circuit consisting of: push ups, planks, burpees and squats.

• Beach path run – in the opposite direction that took us off the path and into a residential street that HAD to be a street that celebs had beach houses. These houses were so amazing and fun to run by. We found a patch of grass under a few palm trees and did another circuit consisting of: Tricep dips, palm tree wall sits, Bulgarian split squats and my favorite, coconut leg lifts

• Beach Yoga, Namaste.

• Swimming pool laps

• Stealing the weights from the makeshift gym and making the grounds of the Grand Wailea your personal gym… Weighted lunges into stair sprints, weighted squats into hallway sprints, shoulder press into plank walks, etc. We looked like the freaks of the resort but we didn’t care.

• Stairway to HEAT… the pools/waterslides didn’t open until 10am so we took advantage of the open long stairway to the top of the main waterslide.

We took turns picking an exercise to do at the bottom of the stairs: Sprint up -> 25 burpees at the bottom Two step at a time sprints up -> Plank shoulder taps Bunny Hop Up -> Grab onto the scuba training bar and do pull ups Sprint up -> Scissor kick holds Repeat, I think we did this 10-15 times and we were dead!