“It is not supposed to feel comfortable.”

I have heard this from trainers and my sister this week, and I have used the phrase myself in my counseling office for others, but I still do not like it.

Moving past a mental barrier is difficult! This week I have felt so discouraged and down. It is week 3 of The Change Up. No matter how much positive feedback I receive or how loose my old clothes feel, I cannot get past how jiggly my body feels this week. There is no other way to describe it. I literally feel like that scene from Goonies where Chunk is doing the Truffle Shuffle.


I feel like my own worst enemy. So many thoughts have crossed my mind:

• I don’t have a budget for new clothes

• Might as well eat a million (okay, bazillion) cookies

• I felt better without the jiggly skin

• This is too hard

• Can I have a car wash to raise money for lose skin surgery in front of Get Fit?


These thoughts are no good, so what is there to do?

I remember when I first realized some clients were more comfortable with their depression, anxiety, or trauma, and that the resistance to change is real. It is scary to think about what we will be like through change and healing. It is messy and uncomfortable, but even in my own struggles to change, it is so worth it. So when the doubt creeps in, I will cling to what I know: I will get wisdom from someone else, check in with myself, and make a decision.

First, I asked my coach, “Is this normal?” She normalized it for me and told me the reality is that it will either get better and toned, or it will stick around, but either way, I will feel better. I was left with a bit of hope.

Second, I asked myself what I wanted. I had a good cry. I don’t want to sabotage myself and I don’t want to accept that it won’t continue to be worth it, because most days it is. I want to continue on a path of whole health, not just with my body, but in my mind.

Third, I will plan to keep showing up. I will sweat and keep doing the work.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

It is a process. As our coaches urge, we must trust the process. As I tell my clients, sometimes it feels worse before it feels better, but IT IS SO WORTH THE WORK! Whatever physical or mental change you are working through or wanting to work through, you can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone. I am cheering you on!