Trish's Hybrid Journey

temp-post-imageTo start talking about something so life changing is such a hard thing. Being familiar with Boot Camps at Get Fit, I went into Hybrid thinking that I had this in the bag... Little did I know it would honestly be one of the hardest most eye-opening and humbling experiences I've had to date. I went to Heather with 3 goals I wanted to achieve over 8 weeks.

1.) Rid my pain. I have severe Sciatica and had missed several weeks of the gym over a 3 month period because the pain was just too much to bare. Bi-weekly shots in the rear and 1600mg of prescription Ibuprofen weren't even enough to cure the pain. I had knee surgery almost 2 years ago and running wasn't an option as I'd pay for it hours after working out.. Swelling and soreness only cured by medication.
2.) Find out if my stomach issues and constant state of nausea was caused by food.
3.) Lose the weight I gained during the holidays.

I went in telling Heather I was scared... I had an honest doubt that I'd reach these goals but I promised I would give it my all, that included taking no more medication of any kind. After Week 2 during my weigh-in Heather asked me how my pains were doing... I just remember staring at her and thinking "what pain?"... I honestly had to stop and think about the last time I really felt any pain... Yes I was sore from normal workouts, but pain that had driven me to take so much medication, was gone. By the end of week 2, I was 100% pain free! I was in disbelief, pretty sure I almost started crying. Heather told me to remember that moment, write it down and remember the feeling as that is what was going to drive me to continue eating the right foods for my body, that was going to be my "why" for the rest of my life.

The following week my family traveled to Hawaii... I brought my week 3 menu with me and did our shopping, I continued to send pics to Heather and she kept me on track. I felt so good, full of energy and enjoyed my trip. I came back to weigh in, not only had I lost several pounds, lots of inches, but I gained muscle! The one thing I was most excited about coming home from vacation was that I wasn't sick anymore... My stomach issues were 90% gone... I was able to enjoy my trip and not be physically sick to my stomach.

There you have it, 4 weeks in and not only had I achieved my first 2 goals and was well on my way to smashing my 3rd goal, but I kicked my bad habits... I didn't crave my coffee creamer, I didn't devour chocolate or have to have dessert every day... Or my glass of wine with dinner every night... I actually looked forward to my greens with every meal... I loved my sweet potatoes and eggs as my pre & post snacks... Food to me had officially become fuel, and not comfort. I learned so much about what is in our foods, why its so important to know where our food comes from, what foods help/hurt you...

I can't thank Heather, and the Get Fit Team enough for the education that was given to me. Something that I have and will continue to pass on to my family... I can't express enough how much I fully believe everyone should invest in Food Fit just once! Life Changing!