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The Keys to TRX


For those of you who know me pretty well, you know that I am a major TRX fan. The TRX (in my opinion) is the most versatile, portable, and complete exercise device out there. It travels easily, provides a total body workout, and easily progresses from novice to elite levels of difficulty. I always take one with me when I travel. That said, I want to give you three keys for getting the most out of your TRX exercises.

1st Key

The Plank is the foundational standard for using the TRX properly. The TRX will absolutely work your core as it works the rest of your body. The correct form for a plank is having your heals, knees, hips, shoulders and ears in a parallel line. Practice a standing plank and than visualize that position when doing a chest press or high row or any non-hinging exercise.

2nd Key

Your speed of repetition is key. The TRX is not a rapid exercise devise. Generally speaking, slow is good. You will keep the working muscle in a state of exertion for longer periods of time and will be more likely to maintain proper form. Of course there are a few exceptions (jump squats, skaters…), but for most exercises a slower rep count will equal a higher quality of work.

3rd Key

Earn your Progression is a TRX mantra! It simply means don’t go beyond your ability to perform the exercise properly. If you cannot hold plank while doing your work, lower the difficulty level by either changing your distance to the anchor point and/or changing your stance. There may be some exercises (especially if you are new) that you just can’t do properly. If so, come off the TRX and ask for a modification – we are here to help!

If you workout regularly at Get Fit, you will use the TRX. If you are new, come try our TRX Focus class Monday - Friday at 7:30 AM. It’s a great class to learn TRX basics while still getting a kick-butt workout.

Keep on Getting Fit and I’ll see you at the straps!