The Best Pitch

It’s that time of the year. When the best teams in the game play for the biggest title in the game: WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!

Our Giants were pretty great this season. In baseball it always…always comes down to pitching. You have to have a solid pitching staff to have any chance of being successful in the post-season.

A pitcher must have at least 2 (preferably 3) pitches that he has mastered. Some throw the fastball and slider, some the slider and curve. A few have mastered the knuckleball. But my favorite is the change up. Why? because it doesn’t really make sense. Throw the ball slower and without a lot of movement. That sounds to me like a bad plan; yet done properly, it is one of the most effective pitches in baseball.

In the 90’s a pitcher named Pedro Martinez racked up some incredible stats. How does one rack up 601 saves over an 18-year career – an average of 33 per season, and strike out 1,133 batters? With a wicked changeup! Oh, and there was this guy on the west coast named Lincecum who was pretty good at it also.

The change up is effective because it is so different in speed from the other pitches. It is that change that throws off the batter and makes him fight to keep the bat timed to the pitch.

On October 22, Get Fit is throwing it’s own change up! It is different from our Boot Camps. We are going to focus in on fitness. You will be pushed to the max in a way that will challenge you and produce results. You will still have a coach and nutrition plan. Home work will be given! But as you meet with your coach and move into this different type of camp, you will ‘throw a pitch’ that your body isn’t expecting. Four weeks that just might change your life.

You will improve your overall fitness, eat properly to fuel your body, develop a discipline that will change your life and help support a great cause – The Chemo Crew! If you are ready to master a new pitch, stop by the front desk and step up to the plate! There is a great team of coaches and we still have room.