The Weekly Blobby: C E L E B R A T E



Right about now now Jill and I are somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. We are having an early celebration of 39 years of wedded bliss (I might be stretching that a little).

I am thankful for Jill and love celebrating our years together.

It begs the question though, do we spend more time celebrating life or condemning ourselves? It is so easy to get caught up in our culture's obsession with more. More money, more things, better bodies, fame...the list goes on.

Ladies, I especially feel for you. Everywhere you turn there is a picture of the perfect body, face, hair or purse. And by golly, you've got to have it if you want to be the best you can be!

Men, flatten those abs, darken that beard, drive a new challenger...

What happened? When did life become a constant striving to become something we are not? In the Bible at the beginning of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon deals with this issue of constant striving and calls it, "A chasing after the wind." Whether you believe the Bible or not, it is a great point.

In the end, you will never get there, that is, if your 'get there' is becoming the perfect person. We are who we are, some made tall, some short, some fast, some slower, some guys have lots of hair after 50...and then there is me.

This is one of the reasons I love Get Fit. Our studio is not focused on making you into something you are not. We want to partner with you in becoming the best you that you can be - and not according to Cosmopolitan!

Yes, hard work and self-discipline are a part of the package. They pay off. But don't set unrealistic goals - you are who you are, take good care of what you have and celebrate the ride.

I challenge you this week, find 3 good things to celebrate about your life every morning when you start your day. That's right, look in the mirror and say it out loud.

Later in Ecclesiastes, King Solomon goes on to say that life is a gift, and if you focus on the right things, you will be "occupied with gladness of heart."


‚Äč Celebrate‚Äč!