The Principal of Boot Camp


When I began The Change Up Season 2 in October of 2015 I thought to myself, “How am I going to last 4 weeks without fast-food, candy, soda, doughnuts, STARBUCKS, red wine and all the other delicious delicacies I was accustomed to consuming on a regular basis?” Over the past ten years I hadn’t been able to stick to any kind of diet for more than a day and a half (to be honest I averaged about 12 hours before quitting). My wife, Amy, completed her first Change Up the Summer of 2015 and had tried to get me to join her. I believe I had a thousand excuses and persevered in not committing that season. I ate the dinners that season, but secretly couldn’t wait to get to work so I could go out to lunch and eat a big, juicy double cheeseburger with fries and a shake to wash it down.

As the next season for the Change Up approached and I witnessed the great results Amy had, she began talking me into giving it a try. I was at the highest weight of my life, 243 lbs. I could barely jog two miles without collapsing and when I did get dragged to the gym I did more talking than lifting. I snored like crazy, had Type II diabetes, felt exhausted all the time, and didn’t feel good about myself.

So season 2 of the Change Up started. My goal was to hopefully lose about 20 lbs and work on keeping it off after the 4 weeks. As the boot camp started, the days passed and I started seeing a difference, it got easier and easier to say “no” to the aforementioned delicacies. I was shocked. The times of eating chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach, while those around me ate pizza, Mexican food, and other delights, were not as excruciating as time went on. My coach, Breanne McGuffey, the person I texted a million times a day, who motivated me, held me accountable, and genuinely cared about my health, has played a major role in my story. Breanne’s commitment to holding me accountable and her amazing encouragement were a big reason why I didn’t give up after 12 hours. As the Change Up ended I was completely shocked and ecstatic with my results. I had lost over twenty pounds and wanted more! Amy and I kept going, following the same routines of working out and eating healthy (with a special treat here and there…life is short and shouldn’t be void of all sugary goodness).

I wanted more though, so I joined Boot Camp Season 14, with Gareth Soares as my coach (I thought there were a lot of texts during the 4 week Change Up, good thing I have unlimited text messaging). Gareth was committed to forcing that protein down my throat to help me reach my goals. She encouraged me and helped keep me motivated for the full 8 weeks. By the time Season 14 was over I was in the best shape of my life! I still can’t believe that I accomplished what I did. The program Get Fit has designed, along with two of the most amazing coaches ever helped me stay the course.

Fast forward to today: I am down 45.6 lbs, down 17% body fat, Up 13 pounds of muscle, and gained years back on my life (I started as a 50 year old and ended as a 12 year old). My last 3 month A1C diabetic check was in the normal range for the first time in years, I seriously don’t snore anymore, I can run 6 miles averaging 8:30 min/miles (I know…I KNOW, Breanne and Gareth –I can’t gain muscle and run as much as I like – But I’m kinda stubborn and am determined to prove you wrong ☺), I don’t feel like I’m going to faint at Get Fit anymore (Unless its Kayla’s class), and I feel great about myself!

There are a few people that I have to give a huge shout out to for their role in my story. First, my wife Amy, I wouldn’t be where I’m at without your encouragement to try Get Fit’s Change Up and your commitment to preparing healthy meals for our family! Two of the best coaches ever, Breanne and Gareth. Also, to my Enochs family Get Fitters, Sara and Khemera (loved the plank offs at school and your motivation during workouts), Ivy (I don’t know how you make 5 AM every morning, you rock!), Tim (I make a vow to you Tim that I’ll make a boxing class this summer), Nancy (loved the healthy snacks for Monday morning cabinet during Boot Camp), April (we’ll see each other at a class someday!), and Connie (You’re killing it halfway through your first Change Up!).

If you’re reading this and think you don’t think you can do it, YES, YOU CAN! It’s challenging, but you can! And it’s so worth it in the end! Thanks Get Fit for your commitment to providing an avenue of support and accountability as we walk this life together.