Do you often feel defeated before you start? I’m not just talking about fitness goals, I’m talking about life. Do you look at the tasks before you and throw in the towel before you even get started? Does the pile of excuses start building up in you head, paralyzing you to even start? I do. I don’t post my defeats on my instagram account, facebook page or snap story but more often than not I feel defeated in life. I wish I could stand before you and tell you about how strong I’ve always been, how confident I am, how capable I feel… but that’s not reality. Reality is that the struggle is REAL. A hashtag often used for running out of coffee or exhibiting self control when trying to choose veggies over chocolate cake, but let’s be real… sometimes the struggle is more real than an instagram meme.

I don’t write this blog to be a “woe is me” sob story, nope, quite the opposite actually. I write it to give you hope and encouragement. Hope because you aren’t alone and encouragement because we need each other… Me telling you that my struggle is real yet not sharing the dirty laundry is kind of like dangling a carrot on a stick (or a piece of chocolate cake on a stick #StruggleIsReal) My real struggles, more often than not, stem from simply not feeling good enough. Not feeling capable of what lies ahead. Whether that’s in business, friendship, being a mother, being a wife… it’s all relative and none of it is immune to being sabotaged by my feeling of not being good enough.

Some of my #StruggleIsReal moments:

  • Feeling like going to the gym (sometimes)
  • Investing in authentic friendship with people out of fear of rejection
  • Feeling totally incapable as a mother, struggling to enjoy the blessing of motherhood like I know I’m supposed to
  • Freaking out about the pile of laundry, seeing it as “another sign of failure”
  • Binge social media-ing to escape the reality of what needs to get done
  • Loving my husband but not being intentional about showing him, feeling too overwhelmed by life to invest
  • Not making dinner
  • Not feeling qualified to speak into people’s lives because I know my behind the scenes and know that I still struggle and I really don’t have all my stuff together
  • Fueling my body with things that will keep it feeling good and working well
  • Being so worried about what others think
  • Going to marriage counseling

Ok so there are some of my daily struggles! The list could go on and each thing I wrote down I feel like I could write a book on all the lessons I’ve learned, the times of total failure and the times of overcoming on each struggle! This is real life people and we all struggle. We all feel like we have to be perfect before we can be effective. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Effective people don’t have it all together. Effective people don’t make excuses for their struggle; they don’t live in that space forever and accept that as their future. Effective people do something different. Effective people recognize that their struggle isn’t just about them. Effective people look outside of themselves and see who they can help.

Lots of us are able to recognize a problem, i.e. not eating healthy, not working out, spending too much money, not investing in friendship, etc… We even have “5 steps” to help us change the behavior on just about any topic… neither of those two things lead to lasting change though. Through lots of research, both professionally and personally I’ve come across one key element to effective change… community. Embed yourself in social groups where people come together to help one another change. Tell someone about your #StruggleIsReal moments, ask them to help you grow in that area of your life. Personally invest in someone else’s life, even if you don’t feel qualified!

You don’t have to have it all together to take a first step. We are all a work in progress, by the grace of God and the community of the right people I'm not the same I was yesterday...Here at Get Fit we’ve recognized the need for people to be in community with one another. We know the power of a tribe. We build our programs out of a true need, a need that people have for one another. Not this false sense of connectedness that society tells us we have through social media (yet again, a totally separate blog post). Here’s the deal, we need each other. Don’t believe the lie that isolation is the answer. Don’t be ok feeling like you are struggling alone, let people help you. Help other people. In that is the key to growth, to change, to making a true impact in someone’s life and to helping yourself on that journey. In all of my #StruggleIsReal moments I know I need to change, I know what I should do to change but the kicker to real change is getting people around me who lift me up, encourage me and kick me in the pants if needed.

I encourage you today to know that in your #Struggle, no matter what area of life that might be, that you are not alone. We specialize in walking beside you through your fitness/health struggles and as a company we are dedicated to continually finding ways to be effective in your life in that area. I encourage you to take a step, to do something different; don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for something to happen to you. Be intentional about your growth, your health, your willingness to take on the #struggle and overcome it. We can do this, but not without each other and not without being honest.

If your thoughts are on how far you have to go, your steps will feel heavy and uncertain. But if your focus is on how far God has already brought you the energy to endure will be yours.



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