Strength In Weakness

I am weak.

Emotionally, I am a very strong person, but physically speaking, I am weak.

It sounds pretty ironic, but I feel like there is something so empowering about admitting your weaknesses.

This past week (weak) I pushed myself to get in 6 days of really great workouts so that I'm not in complete shock once Rock Body Bootcamp officially begins. There were times during my workouts where I just wanted to GIVE UP, but there is something so contagious about working out with the people at Get Fit. Every time I heard "Come on, Carisah" or "You've got this. Don't give up" I felt like a fire within me was ignited. Mentally, I feel like I've got this.

So currently, I am weak, but in addition to being weak, I am MIGHTY. I have to keep reminding myself that I gave birth to a child after 36 hours of hard labor. I can do anything. YOU can do anything. There's a mental block that the majority of us have to break through: continuously telling ourselves that we C A N ' T. Well this week I finally realized that I can pretty much do anything, I just have to stop telling myself that I can't. I'm done with excuses. I'm completely over dreaming of looking fit or being healthy. I am taking action. I'm no longer going to tell myself I don't have time to work out--I'm going to make time. I'm no longer going to tell myself I'm not strong enough to get through the workouts--I'm going to make myself stronger by giving my workouts everything I've got. I'm no longer going to tell myself I'll start tomorrow or wait for the next season of bootcamp to start. I'm just going to make things happen.

Today I met with my coach, Natalie, to do my measurements and fit test.

REAL TALK. I am 26 years old. I weigh 156 lbs. I have 37% body fat. I have the bodily health of a 50 year old woman (or man. Natalie didn't clarify that part ;) )

The numbers i saw on the scale could have depleted me, but they actually inspired me. I want to be healthy, so I'm not going to beat myself up about where my body is at; I'm going to use those numbers to get me to my goal.

Every day is a mental battle with yourself. Start telling yourself you CAN, and you will be victorious.

Stop dreaming and start making things happen.