Special Olympics Torch Run


My name is Sabrina Harris and I’ve been working as a Correctional Peace Officer with the California Department of Corrections for over twenty years now. I’m currently a Correctional Sergeant at DVI in Tracy. I started working with the special Olympics back in 2005. At the time I was asked to run a few miles with the Tracy PD for an event called the Torch Run. I really didn’t know anything about Special Olympics but I recruited a few staff and we participated.

That day changed me--seeing the Special Olympians out riding their bikes with us, so happy to see us, and hugging us along with their families at the end--I experienced something that day that has stuck with me. That year we raised a few hundred dollars for the cause. Over the next several years we decided to increase the commitment and run from our prison all the way to Tracy PD (5 miles).

As part of the Torch Run we run with the torch for our entire leg in support of the Special Olympic Games held annually during the summer. We carry the torch symbolically but I know in my heart, the torch stands for each athlete and all that they have and will accomplish each year. The LETR (Law Enforcement Torch Run) has come a long way since 2005, and even just at our prison and all of my supporters each year. We went from raising a few hundred dollars in 2005 to raising over $23,000 in 2016 and we were awarded as the second highest earner of all the prisons in Northern California last year. We started with 6 or 7 runners in 2005, and grew to more than 135 runners and bikers crusading to Tracy PD last year.

Throughout the year we hold as many fundraisers as we can such as Tip-A-Cop, 5k Mud Run, and this year we are adding a Polar Plunge and a golf tournament, all to raise not just funds for the Special Olympics but also awareness for these athletes and all that they are able to accomplish. They love to compete and just be a part of something and to have their families and public support them means so much to each of them.

All of our fundraising is 100 percent donated to special Olympics and all athletes compete at zero cost to them or their families. Being a part of this amazing Law Enforcement and Special Olympics family has shown me so many things but I think mostly I feel honored to be a part of it and to know that through our combined efforts we can and are making a difference in lives.

Please consider joining us in 2017 for our Torch Run! Our Run Fit team has volunteered with us for the past 3 years now and I think I can speak for everyone that it’s a pretty amazing day! It is open to anyone that would like to come and run with us or even ride your bike. Our run day is Friday, June 16th, we will run/bike with the torch from DVI state prison to Tracy PD to raise awareness and financial support for all the special people that I am privileged to call family!


Sabrina Harris
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