She will ALWAYS try.


Where do you begin? Something so life changing and profound as reinventing who you are. It's not an easy task and not something that happens overnight. I guess for me it began with a real big low. The most extreme low I could not even imagine and in experiencing that low, I found strength. Strength to try.

2013 was an awful year for me and my family as I said goodbye to my mother who lost her battle to liver cancer...something we were all completely blindsided by. No one in our family has ever had cancer and my mother was neither a drinker or smoker. We had no answers as to why she was plagued with this, but it was a quick moving reality for us that left me in the darkest place I had ever been. It took me months to begin to come out of a cloud and just figure out how to do day to day things again, but after the immediate pain and healing I vowed to make something of it. To live on for my mother and be an example to her and my children by changing. I found Get Fit in Oct 2013 when I decided to take a big risk and just try. Try these classes everyone had raved about and hope that I could somehow muster up enough strength to not make a fool out of myself. I began attending the 10:30am time slot after my kids were in school and quickly found that I was welcomed by so many who genuinely cared for the well being of others. It became the light in my day, the check out from mommy land and check in to ME time! I didn't know how desperately I needed that or missed it until I felt it. I felt what it was like to focus on me even though I struggled through it, I was empowered and proud at the same time. It was liberating.

Jan 2014 I signed up for my first Bootcamp with Michelle Kendrick and promised that no matter what I would give this my all. I would put on my big girl pants and do the work. I might not be the fastest, the strongest, the best at anything, but I would never not try. If all you ever give is your best, results will come. Throughout Bootcamp I felt a mental, emotional, and spiritual was the most influential fitness program in my life. With Michelle's guidance and heart she helped create a woman I had been missing for years! One that already loved life and her family, but was sacrificing her own needs for others. I know as mothers this is something we all often do and may not even realize how out of touch with ourselves that we are. I created a new daily routine and completely overhauled my daily schedules. I looked at my time at the gym as time to work on me and not feel guilty about it. I would never not send my children to school to be educated and get the social interaction they need so why should I do that to myself? I needed growth and interaction as well and I found more than I anticipated through the studio. I began connecting with other moms and listening to their hearts and stories of motherhood and juggling everything and it turned into a place of solace for me. I woke up refreshed and excited to get my day moving. I learned how to cook and really cook good food and I laughed and sweat alongside others who I admired and pulled strength from. It was the birth of a fitness family for me.temp-post-image

Oct 2015 I took my journey to the next step and signed up for the food fit program with Heather Sutton to learn more about how my body responds to foods and also educate myself with a deeper understanding and shed some light on my mom's ordeal with cancer. I again committed to this program whole heartedly and gave it my best effort because if I wasn't going to put in the work how could I expect to achieve the results? I was the only one I was cheating by not trying. I found a new view on food and that cancer cells thrive off of sugar. Simple convenience foods are ruining our lives as we all become busier. This program taught me the importance of fueling myself properly and what it takes to master your mind/body connection with eating.temp-post-image

Every step of my journey I just kept trying, trying to do better, to think more positively, to really love myself and what I was creating for my family. A fire was lit and a determination grew to keep competing with myself and conquer things I never even knew I could do. I found a passion to help others and let them know they are not alone in this. I am grateful for the opportunities now to coach clients in the very bootcamp I started with and I will continue to make goals for myself and try. I will always try.