Presented by Criterion360 and Get Fit Modesto
April 17 & 18

Come and learn how to communicate with Focus, Clarity and Power. The SCORRE Conference is a two-day conference loaded with information and hands-on interaction that promises to make you a better communicator.

Go to and see what people are saying about this conference. Michael Hyatt, Lisa Terkeurst, and Elisa Morgan have all benefited from this workshop.

Bobby Fisher is a certified Dynamic Communicator’s Coach and is the lead presenter. You will learn the art of preparation and delivery while engaging your audience.

Prepare with Focus

Too many ideas? Not enough time? SCORRE™ organizes your thoughts and shaves hours off your preparation time.

Deliver with Clarity

SCORRE™ helps you communicate the idea that matters most so it’s easy to remember and hard to forget.

Speak with Power

Whether you’re performing, presenting, or preaching, you’ll move your audience to action every time.

The SCORRE Conference
April 17 & 18
8:30 AM to 8:00 PM*
Hosted by One Church, 2361 Scenic Drive, Modesto, California

The SCORRE Conference is $600. We promise a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the conference. You can register at the Get Fit front desk and pay by cash, credit or check. For more information, reach out to Bobby at

“If you want to take your public speaking to the next level, SCORRE™ is the single best conference you could attend.”
– Michael Hyatt, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Speaker

*Approximately 3 hours of free time is provided each afternoon to allow for your individual needs as well as prep time for the evening sessions.