Samuel's Get Fit Journey


Hello! My name is Samuel Veneman. I’m a 27-year-old, married dude who’s been coming to Get Fit for about two months now. And lemme tell you something: I LOVE IT.

I’ll get into a little of my history with “working out” and “exercise” because I think it helps explain why I love Get Fit so much.

Growing up (yeah, I’m going way back) I was never much of an “athletic” person. Sure, I did your classic Pop Warner Football for a year, Little League Baseball here and there, with the occasional year of Soccer, but none of those activities really hooked me in. I leaned to the other side of the spectrum, preferring to stay indoors playing musical instruments, video games (if mom ever let me), draw, read, etc, all the things that might be categorized under “The Arts”. Those things were my passion. I was never a very “fit” child- I was healthy, no doubt, but not crazy fit. I was a fat kid. There I said it.


Fast-forward to the early 20’s. The transition from childhood into adulthood is one that is filled with many new-found responsibilities as well as freedoms. With these responsibilities, no doubt comes taking care of yourself and your health and your body. I kinda just rolled through my early 20s not really caring or being focused on my health or physical body. I was in and out of a few different gyms: I would go hard for a couple weeks and then when the 3rd week rolled around I would run into the classic conundrum of excuses- “I’m too tired”, “Busy with work” etc etc. For a year or so I was into some hardcore cycling. I trained for and completed multiple Centuries (metric: 64miles and standard: 100miles), but I lost interest in cycling because of the sheer amount of time commitment it took- sometimes each training session was 4-5 hours. I was fading into a sense of hopelessness concerning my fitness situation. I knew I needed to work out and be healthy, but none of the options I tried ever “stuck”. So for a couple years, I did nothing. Well, I did something. I gained weight and got lazy.


Until that fateful day in August (wow so dramatic).

My sister had been talking about Get Fit over the summer and how she just loved it and thought it was the best thing on earth. I did the usual “brother” thing and ignored what she said. Until one day she invited me to come try Get Fit out.

I tried it and man, did it kick my butt. Butt (ha) I was hooked.

I signed up a couple weeks later and the rest is history. The changes I’ve experienced physically and mentally are a HUGE blessing to me. I feel GOOD. I feel HAPPY. All from 45 minute workouts 4-5 times a week. It’s amazing to me. I look forward to each workout (even leg day twice a week…)!

Some have asked me how I like Get Fit and why I like it. Here’s what I tell them:

The Workouts are a no-brainer.

This right here is probably the BIGGEST benefit of Get Fit to me. The ability and ease of walking into the studio and getting started right away without having to think is HUGE for me. I’ve got a buncha other stuff I’ve gotta focus on being in college, I don’t wanna have to remember what muscle group I’m on or how I can change up my workout. I just walk in and do what I’m told. BAM.

The Workouts are QUICK.

You show up, get started, and you’re back in your Jeep (if you’re me) driving off to finish your day within an hour. But don’t be fooled, those 45 minutes of work are a butt kicker. You will be tired.

The Trainers are AMAZING.

I have thoroughly enjoyed EVERY session done by all the trainers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Each have their own strengths and personalities and I LOVE the dynamic it brings to the experience at Get Fit.

They’re passionate about fitness and health in general, but more specifically they’re passionate about YOUR fitness and health, so much so, they’ll yell at you to do better and push yourself (*ahem* Kayla and Kristin) and I LOVE it. That encouragement or push helps me get out of my own head and go further than I could have on my own. All the trainers are LEGIT.

The atmosphere is ELECTRIFYING.

There’s an amazing sense of comradery within the studio. You walk in and everyone is bussing with excitement for the workout to begin. Then, during the session, looking over and seeing folks sweating it out with you pushes you to keep going and try your hardest. It’s great!

All in all, I’m excited to continue my journey at Get Fit. It’s an amazing, adrenalin-filled experience that’s different every time you go. And for me, it’s one of the best things to happen to me health-wise.

Thanks Get Fit! temp-post-image