Running To Qualify


I’ve been running all my life. I started in Jr High school not knowing much and on into high school and college running the 400meter and 800meter runs. I completed my first ½ marathon my junior year in high school and my first full marathon my senior year. I placed first in my age group for the full, I think because I was the only kid crazy enough to run a full marathon, 26.2 miles at the age of 18yrs old. My track coach to this day still gives me a hard time about it. After college I still ran local 5k fun runs but stayed away from the ½ and full marathons. After my wife and I had our kids my running was pretty much put off to the side and I didn’t do much with it.

About 5-10 years ago I started running a few ½ marathons just to do them with little to no training and lack of any focus on nutrition. Big Sur ½ marathon was one of them, the Tinkerbell ½ marathon in Disneyland was another I did a few years in a row and Modesto has always been a tradition. The first year they did the Modesto Marathon that is running now I did the 5k run/walk with my mom and have been doing the ½ marathon the remainder of the past years.

About 2 years ago, my wife and I joined Get Fit Modesto and things began to change. Jennifer did her first boot camp with Get Fit and I followed with her. I heard about Run Fit but was never interested in joining. That same year I did my normal training of 3 workouts the week before the Big Sur ½ marathon and took 15 minutes off my time because of the nutrition and clean eating from the boot camp. After that, I was approached by a few Run Fit people and was told I joined the group and we had a training run the next day. I ended up going out and haven’t stopped. The group is great to be with and around along with the support from everyone. If it wasn’t for them, along with my wife who is now going out with us and training for her first ½ marathon, I’d still be at the same level I was.temp-post-image

I’ve set some goals to qualify for Boston Marathon. I was shooting for my 40th birthday but because running a full 26.2 miles at the pace/speed I need to in order to qualify takes a little more work with nutrition and training my first few attempts failed due to cramping. Modesto Marathon 2016 should be a good run and I’m hoping for my goal.

I look forward to seeing all you Get Fitters out on the course cheering us Run Fitters on along with all the other runners. It means the world to us to see people out there ringing cow bells and blowing horns or handing us little cups of water as we think we are dying.