RUNFit Pep Talk by Mike Maze


Let me also just reassure you....

You've got this!

Your mind is the weak link here. I guarantee it. If you DECIDE to do and then fight for it, you'll be shocked at what your body can do.


Almost 1 year ago I was doing some training for work. The training center has a standard track attached. On day 1 of a 5 day course we were given a 90 minute lunch break. I decided that since I happened to have a set of workout clothes it was time do something I had never before done in my entire life: jog voluntarily.

I didn't have a plan, really. I just knew I wanted to go one lap without stopping to walk. And I did it. I didn't die. My feet didn't fall off. My lungs didn't explode. In fact, I felt pretty good. So I decided to push it farther. Suddenly I had 2 laps down and I thought to myself "I'm making 4. I'm already halfway done. I AM making 4." And I did. I can't explain the feelings... I wasn't able to do that in junior high or high school. It wasn't fast, but it was complete.

By the end of the week's training I did 2.75 miles. The next morning, I did my first 5k distance.


9 weeks later I did a 13.5 mile loop that lead me from Scenic to Riverbank. That was something that wasn't even a "wildest dream". It was an IMPOSSIBILITY for 32 years. Not something even worth consideration.

But I did it.

And I did it at over 300lbs.

temp-post-imageSo, don't be discouraged. Don't be scared. Don't be afraid. Be excited. You are on the verge of amazing yourself. You are on the verge of proving to yourself that there are no limits.

When I made my journey to 13.5 I honestly did it mostly alone.... At the time I wasn't part of RunFit (and that 13.5 last spring was my second to last run, until today). If I can go from 0 to 13.5 in 9 weeks, at over 300lbs, without a support group, just imagine what you can do with an incredible community of like-minded people behind you every step of the way? I hope that excites you. It does me.

You're gonna kill it.