Run, Versola, Run



I became a member of Run Fit earlier this year to train for the Modesto ½ Marathon. I had a goal of running a half marathon and I was casually training the year prior by running a few 5k’s, but I was lacking the structure and support to be ready for my first race.

I was really nervous to show up at the first Run Fit work out for a few reasons;

1) I didn’t really consider myself a “runner”

2) I had missed the first two weeks because I was sick

3) I wasn’t sure what to expect

4) I hadn’t really been working out or set foot in a gym for close to four years.

Nonetheless, I gave it a shot, and here I am, seven months later with two half marathons under my feet and am currently training to run the California International Marathon(CIM) in December.temp-post-image

One of the greatest things Run Fit does for me is, it keeps my mental sanity in check. Run Fit has been a great avenue for me to clear my head and cope with the stress of everyday life. With a full-time job, a working wife, three kids and serving in multiple ministries at church, my life is very full. In the fall of 2014, I found out my mom had Stage IV, terminal cancer. I never truly dealt with the news of her illness in a practical way, but being an active member of Run Fit was one of the best things I could have done for my sanity, and my health.temp-post-image

The community and support of Run

Fit doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced. There is a huge difference between just going to the gym and working out versus training with other like-minded people. Encouraging others to push themselves to new limits, crushing goals and building friendships; this is what RunFit does for me.


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