Robyn's Story


I have been going to Get Fit for about 4 years but the last year it was more like I was trying to get to the Gym once a week. About a year ago our family sold our home and lived with my parents for about 6 weeks. Once we were able to move into our new house there was project after project, kid activities, and more. Those kid activities can add up when you have 6 kids. I stopped meal prepping, I stopped going to the gym, and I stopped moving. I had the head knowledge but not the drive or desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. I remember telling my husband that I NEEDED Boot Camp. I started going back about a month before Boot Camp and remember the huge amount of shame that I felt. I had been fit, people here at Get Fit had helped me before and I had thrown away all their advice and all of my hard work. I hoped no one would look at me or say anything. But that is not the Get Fit way. So many trainers said “Hi Robyn, it’s great to see you” or “Hey I haven’t seen you around I’m glad you’re here today.” Those small comments encouraged my heart. I told myself I didn’t need to be ashamed. I needed to give myself grace and set my eyes on the things ahead. My Trainer Kori was amazing. She encouraged me and helped me meal plan. She understood when I needed to make a healthy substitution and told me “No excuses...Keep Moving” when something got in the way of me heading to the Gym. A few weeks into Boot Camp when I would go to do a burpee I was stronger and not focused on the feeling of my tummy fat squishing on that gym floor. I became more confident in my routine, in working out, and even started going to Peak as my normal workout slot. I loved getting my energy back and the example I was setting for my children. I still have work to do but I am proud of what I have accomplished.