RBBC NEW COACH: Shelly Brooks


My fitness journey began after having my three boys. I’ve always cooked and enjoyed good food. I even would go to the gym and work out. I didn’t understand how to pair the two and see results. I had always envied people who would talk about going on a run, which was something I had always hated! I started at square one with running!! The very first time I ran a mile straight without stopping I was ecstatic! I ran my first 5k in 2011 and 3 half marathons after that. I enjoyed running, but wanted to change things up.

I tried out Get Fit in October 2013. I was immediately hooked! I enjoyed the variety of the work outs, but also the community of people!
In 2014, I signed up for bootcamp season 11. I wanted to push myself hard, and see where I could go with such a great program and accountability. Michelle Kendrick was my coach and she was amazing! She pushed me hard, and saw potential in me. At our first meeting, I told her I had always wanted to do a pull-up. She made that my goal of bootcamp. I was successful with my goal because of her consistent coaching!

Since Bootcamp, I feel in control of my choices and outcomes. I feel like I know the formula that works to keep myself on track and continue to show my boys a healthy lifestyle!