I always admired the people who did bootcamps and stuck to those amazing food plans, but it didn't seem realistic to me, nor could I justify forking over the money for something “I should be able to do on my own”. We are also a really busy sports family, so I wasn't able to justify the time either. But, as a last minute decision, I decided to go all in and join Rock Body Bootcamp season 9 (January 2014).
Because I played college basketball, I knew what it meant to push my body to the limit and be in top physical condition (my body fat used to be 16%). But, I never learned how to properly fuel my body. I completely lacked food knowledge. My lack of food knowledge helped me to become overindulgent, and I rarely said 'no' to myself. It caused me to have daily stomach pain, and, I had gotten to the point where I was exhausted every day. I was extremely tired of being tired. Not only that, but I was taking my family down the path of frequently grabbing food on the go because “I didn't have time to cook”.
I didn't know I wanted change so badly until I actually started my bootcamp journey. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was starting to avoid having my picture taken because I was very unhappy with myself. As my body began to change, and my energy levels increased, I was ecstatic. I loved stepping into the gym and pushing myself. I loved feeling sore the next day. And, I loved that I was doing something good for my family. I was able to teach and train my boys how to properly fuel their bodies. It was also very empowering for me to know that I was exercising my heart... several years ago I learned that I have a few somewhat minor heart abnormalities (that together can be more serious). I've had to go through extensive testing, generally reserved for elderly or those with heart disease, and it made me feel vulnerable (and think about all the things I could be doing differently to help give myself a best case scenario).
While on bootcamp I literally felt great from day 1. My daily stomach pain disappeared, and I began eating greens (I was a terribly picky eater), sometimes it would have to be in smoothie form, but I was doing it. When I started the bootcamp, I was terrified. I just knew I would hate all the food, and would probably starve, but I determined to do it anyway. I can't tell you how elated I was when I really enjoyed almost all of the recipes (recipes we still enjoy a year later!).
Within the 8 week time period, I completely fell in love with Get Fit and the bootcamp program. So much so, that I started working as a trainer there in May 2014, and then later a bootcamp coach.
I had tried 'dieting' several times in the past 12 years, and there were numerous times I began working out, but never stuck with it. The knowledge I have gained from Get Fit Bootcamp has not only helped me keep off the 20+ pounds and 20+ inches I lost over a year ago, but it has truly been a lifestyle change. Get Fit has been a wonderful blessing and a place I wish to be a part of for a very long time.