RBBC 13 - Real people, real lives changed...


So we are on our FINAL day of bootcamp season 13. This is one the most anticipated days of the year. The last day of bootcamp. Every final day of bootcamp we all are on such a high that we want to bottle it up and never let it go! So many stories are being shared that we wanted to find a way to capture them all... So here are real social media posts from bootcampers from season 13! Literally we just copied/pasted.

Cami Rose-

I am so flipping proud of my bootcamp partner Des Lundgren and to be honest, I'm proud of myself. This mornings text from her brought tears to my eyes because it made me realize how motivated we are.
I have always struggled with my weight. I've always loved being physically active, but my weight has lead me to be uncomfortable trying some physical activities. My weight kept me from loving myself which played a huge role in past relationships. I vowed never to let my hate for my body take a toll on me the way it did the last two years. In October of last year I started eating clean, my headaches went away, my bladder pain and flair ups were less occurring, and my happiness was through the roof. At the start of this new year I let the devil get the best of me and fell off the wagon. My jeans that I was proud to fit in were getting tighter again and I could feel the unhappiness creeping up on me. I heard of get fit and contacted Diana Waterford, an old high school friend, because I knew she was a trainer. With her encouragement I decided to take a chance. I was blown away buy the motivation that get fit has for all their members. To be completely honest, I was worried about being able to afford a membership for more than a few months, but after a couple of months I was hooked. This is an investment in my well being and it's worth every penny! After a few months Desiree Lundgren decided to join me and then we decided to join boot camp together. This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. The training, the accountability, the support and the food have been something to look forward to week after week.
This journey has just started for me..... I'm pretty flipping excited to see where I will be in a few months from now. Thank you fellow members, especially Kristina Romero Cornejo you and your spunk keep me going. Thank you to Des for being my partner, thank you Diana for the initial motivation, thank you to everyone at get fit for smiles and motivation, thank you Tara Crenshaw and Jonathan Crenshaw for creating an amazing life changing environment, thank you to my amazing coach Cynthia Martinez you have been my friend by my side through this journey, your text, positive thinking and kick butt boxing classes have kept my fire burning. I hope you realize how truly amazing you are.Lastly thank you to the new Camille, I am loving this look of happiness I've been wearing , gotta say, it looks good on me. And thank you God for helping me find my faith in you and in myself again.
Emilie Gordon - Remote BootCamper
Things I've learned as a remote RBBCer:
1. RBBC, even remotely, is just such an amazing program that nothing else comes close.
2. After a few weeks, sending pictures in a bra to someone you've never met doesn't seem strange anymore.
3. You people are amazing. Even though I have never met most of you, I gained inspiration simply my reading your struggles and triumphs.
4. I can do this. My biggest fear coming in to this was that I couldn't do it without the accountability of going to the studio. I lost almost 30 lbs and 20.5 inches, and am several steps closer to my goal.
Thanks Kori Jo for putting up with my neurosis! I appreciate all the guidance and support you've given me over these last weeks. I look forward to meeting many of you tonight!
Kristina Cornejo
Just did my final weigh in and couldn't be happier with my results! This was my first boot camp and this experience was definitely a life changer. I want to thank our program director, coaches, trainers and the owners of our gym for this opportunity the changes we have seen on this feed for 8 weeks have been remarkable! I have built amazing relationships with fellow boot campers during this season and wanted to thank a few that have inspired me. Megan Wolf, girl you are truly an inspiration. I loved watching you grow and share with us all your trials in autism and how you didn't let that bring you down. I just want you to know you pushed me. I saw the struggles you had some days so who was I to cheat or give up, so thank you and keep it up! Julie Wallace girl you are a BEAST. You may not know this but I love when I see you in class! You make me want to get in beast mode right along with you, thank you! Camie Rose , Ann Furtado , Crystal Clayton Havens thank you for being my gym partners/ buddies! Most of all thank you to Cynthia Martinez you have been an amazing coach to me and I appreciate everything you did to guide me during this bootcamp. Sad I will be missing tonight but congrats boot campers we did it!
Jessica Boyd
For the last several years our life has had so much change. Jared Boyd changed careers which required him to live away from our family for 6 months, we have a hard work schedule, we have moved and so on. I used all of these excuses to eat out a lot, eat whatever helped me though the day and whatever seemed to make me happy. Bootcamp has changed my perspective so much and helped me realize food is fuel - (right Kori Jo? ) ๐Ÿ˜œ - not comfort. I am so grateful for these 8 weeks! Thanks Kori for understanding how I work and challenging me to keep pushing myself harder. I am so excited to live this in real life!
Nate Benninger
NSV--Fridays are normally casual days at work. However, today is suit day for me, but it's not just any suit. It's that suit. We all have that outfit that we haven't been able to fit in 10 years. However, we hold on to it and tell ourselves, one day. This suits has been in four different closets since the last time I was able to wear it. I have gotten married and had three kids, heck I wasn't even engaged the last time I put this suit on. It's a slim fit European designer suit, and I always said it cost too much to get rid of. One day, I am going to wear it again. I never thought one day would come, but today is "One Day."
Heather Candido
I have made some huge changes in the past 8 weeks and I am so very thankful for this program and for my coach Michelle Mott! I never thought I'd be able to push myself to make those goals. In the past I've let excuses win. "But I work full time and go to school full time, there's no time to work out, no time to make meals". Well thanks to bootcamp I was able to MAKE time. I feel so much healthier and energetic even with my 4am-9pm work/school days.
At the beginning of the program I feared the workouts from Kayla Frenzel and Michelle Kendrick but by the end I was embracing them! My blood pressure has gone tremendously down and for the first time in 5 years I look in the mirror while I'm changing for work. This is just the very beginning of a changed life style. Thanks to RBBC and Get Fit I have set some MAJOR goals for the next year. Can't wait for the changeup and every other program get fit has to offer!
Eric Tobias
Bootcamp done. Down 36 lbs thanks to Kristen and my wife for all her cooking. Started with 40 waist pant. Put on 36 for work today. It's been a long time since I had a 36 on.
Daylen Vermeulen
I am definitely not one of those lucky women who has a baby and the weight just falls off of them. It's been a lot of work, I've literally had to fight every week/day/workout/rep to lose every pound of weight. And I could never have done it without Get Fit, the greatest coach Kayla (who has been so supportive and encouraging and just everything that I've needed!!) and a program that works. it's changed everything, I no longer workout to "get skinny," I workout because I love to work out and that post work out high is the best feeling. I eat good, clean, and healthy food that my husband and son love just as much as I do. And the best part is that I know I can maintain this way of life, and continue to lose weight and gain muscle! it's not a diet, it's just a better way of eating and living. I may not get to pass on the naturally skinny gene to my children (sorry kiddos) but I most definitely can and will pass on healthy, clean and smart eating habits!!! a huge thank you to all the trainers who've pushed me harder and made me pick up bigger weights!!! I honestly love my Get Fit family, you guys rock!!!!!
Cassie Yates
I had my final weigh in last night with my amazing coach Katie. The one thing I was afraid of when I started this journey was giving up and quitting. But she stuck with me and encouraged me to stay the course. Thank you!! I accomplished a personal goal with regards to weight loss, and I couldn't be happier! But, my bootcamp experience is SO much more than the number on the scale. Yes, it was hard, but I stayed the course and I finished. This was REALLY important to me because I am trying to teach my kids to finish what they start, even when it gets hard. So, I had to live this out in front of them. My life needs to be an example to them. And, I've come to appreciate all that my body is capable of when I treat it well (train hard, eat clean, get the rest that I need). It truly is amazing!! These 8 weeks have transformed me, both inside and out and my journey isn't done; it's only just begun. But, I couldn't have done it without the amazing support of my husband and my coach. So to both of you, I say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart.
Christine Aspesi
This morning was my last weigh in and fitness test this would be my second bootcamp total of 47 pounds lost between the two and I actually have muscles and I have had the pleasure to have Kristin Housh as my coach and motivator both times. I love what bootcamp has done to me physically I feel great best I have ever felt since my early twenties and emotionally I feel stronger to enjoy food but know how to fuel my body that benefits me. My main reason for doing bootcamp is to be an example for my teen girls and for them I want them to learn to love themselves inside and out and this journey is screaming out loud that I feel Good!!! I know my goal is to treat this body like God would want me to and know that I may have days where I will have pasta and pizza in the future but I know that I am in control of how much and I don't have to feel guilty because tomorrow is another day to start again. So thank you Get Fit and all the trainers for being so encouraging and to my girl kristin I love what you bring there is no one who can get you to do high knees faster and keeping me accountable to healthy choices you rock and I love ya now the journey continues..
Kristi Miller
This girl (her coach, Natalie) has taught me, encouraged me, pushed me, prayed for me and pretty much completely blessed me these 8 weeks of boot camp! I was terrified to start, thought I would be the one person this doesn't work for!โ˜บ But Michelle Kendrick was right! Do the program, get the results. I did the lemon and warm water every day, the peppermint fish oil every day and protein fuel and recovery drinks every day. I purposed to make every Saturday MJC workout and I did! I did the studio workouts every day except for Sundays. I am so grateful for every single fabulous trainer and co-trainer here at Get Fit! You are all amazing. I am so happy today my eyes keep leaking about it! Can't wait to celebrate tonight! Rock on that healthy living boot campers!
Holly Arroyo - Alumni Bootcamp Coach
October marks many great events for me...but added to the book now is my 1 year get fitiversary! ๐ŸŽ‰ That picture of me is from our annual Halloween pumpkin carving party last year. In many ways it's hard to believe a year has already gone by from when I decided to take the leap of faith and enter the doors of get fit. I had heard so many great things about this place, but was terrified and super insecure to show up. After losing my mom in 2013 and working through the immediate grief and heartache I thought about something that will forever be engrained on my heart. She spoke to her 5 children in the walls of a hospital room and said, "If my life needs to serve as an example for you kids, so be it." Watching your mother live her last moments is something I will forever be changed by and I will forever carry those words and do my best to honor her. To show my girls that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and not something you go through each day. I can't express how freeing this process has been and I owe so much of my progress to the instrumental people of Get Fit. There are still struggles I face and areas of progress for me, but I have a foundation now and look forward to growth. This doesn't mean I will never eat a cupcake or bowl of ice cream again, it means those foods no longer control me and I will not let them take over my life. I have my moment with my family and friends and enjoy it and get right back on to living! Thank you @getfitmodesto for giving me a new lease on life.
Heather Candido
So, at first I was never going to post this because I have a LONG way to go but you know what... I worked damn hard to be proud of how far I have come! So thank you RBBC and โ€ช#‎teammottโ€ฌ for giving me some confidence back. I have always said confidence is the most sexy thing anyone can wear! P.S. I wore the ribbon at first for anonymity and then decided that I should be proud of MY progress!
Janelle Campos
The picture on the left was taken shortly before I started RBBC Season 12 in Janruary; and for me this was "that picture" that I saw of myself and I just knew I needed to make a big change because I was tired of hating the way I felt and how I looked. So I signed up for RBBC season 12 and gave %100 during workouts and with my eating; and the results showed. But within a few months I was struggling with the "all or nothing" mentality. I would let a bad meal turn into a bad day then a bad week; etc. then I heard about Alumni; and I loved the idea that I would be apart of the bootcamp again, have a coach for support/encouragement but the responsibility was left up to me. It completely changed my perspective. I wasn't doing this for my coach, my team or GetFit; I wanted to live this lifestyle for ME and my family. And Kaylas post was spot on; it's all about BALANCE. I've learned to enjoy life and real food and realize that small splurges are okay; a "bad" meal does not have control over me. Getfit has given me the knowledge and support to know that I am physically and emotionally strong enough to live a Healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much to all the trainers and my coach Holly McNichols Arroyo for helping me get my life back on track and to feel stronger and more confident than I ever have in my life!

Nicole Pena

Wow! What an incredible night!!! I feel so beyond blessed right now for this experience! Had to throw out a comparison before the day ended so here ya have it! On the right is one week before I stepped into Getfit mid June at the largest I've ever been (even during pregnancies). The left is the result of three and a half months of hard work, particularly the last 8 weeks! I am so, so thankful I decided to take the leap and join RBBC13!!! Special shout out to my outstanding coach Nancy!!! You are simply the best! I fewl equipped, informed, and ready to continue reaching my goals as well as set new ones along the way! And a huge thank you to all of you awesome trainers and staff! Truly life-changing people!


Matt Gonzalez

I'd like to thank everyone at Get Fit for helping me achieve and even surpass my goals! I still can't believe I lost 31 pounds in only 2 months!! It's been an amazing journey, one I'll always remember. I'm trained and ready to keep doing the routines to see more awesome results in the future. Thank you again everyone and good job my fellow boot campers!!


Sara Bradley - RBBC Alumni and FoodFit Alumni

As I sit here at John's not-so-incredible pizza (nephews birthday party) I am saddened by all the kids and party goers eating and drinking nothing but dirty, lab food that has no nutritional benefit. To be honest I'm a little grossed out watching them eat. I am so grateful for all I've learned through bootcamp and food fit. My kids now make good choices and have balance at places like this. I just wish everyones eyes were as open as those of us who have made this journey and lifestyle commitment. I will remain strong and not give in to the pressure of those around me.

Sophia Stanton
She's coached me through a Change Up & RBBC 13 back to back. Such an incredible blessing this woman has been sharing her experience & knowledge with me. She's the perfect combination of tough love & grace like understanding. I'd have been lost without her.
I've dealt with migraines & lower back pain from a calcified vertebra for years & from the 4 week change up on I have dealt with almost no headaches & have noticed significantly less pain in my back. Running is near impossible with my back & dislocated knee injuries, she & the trainers have been amazing & so understanding of my limitations, always quick to offer advice & alternatives. Nutrition & the workout schedule have changed my life for the better, from the inside out. More importantly I've struggled with control for the last couple decades. As a Christian woman I know that it's a facade & that we are not in control & that's freeing to know this truth, but at the same time I grasp on every chance I'd get. Food had been such an issue for me & she made me feel safe to share that with her, without judgement. For years I would go from one extreme to the other. My desire, while losing 20 lbs has been amazing, was ultimately just to get healthy, to learn how to make this routine a lifestyle, to stop the unhealthy cycle I was on, to feel good about myself & model that for my children. I'm in debt to this program & to Michelle Mott for putting in the work & investing in me. I'm still in awe of how this lady manages a school, a household, her own health & fitness & still was able to pour into those of us who were blessed to be a part of #teammott
Nichole Mayer
The picture on the left was taken March 9, 2015, roughly 2.5 months after my baby boy was born. The picture on the right was taken today. All I have to say is mind blown. Our bodies can do some AMAZING things. I have to thank my girl Kristin Housh for all of her knowledge and support throughout The Change Up and RBBC 13. Seriously, I could not have gotten this far without you! Forever grateful

Jessica & Jared Boyd

We had a blast doing bootcamp together, we grew as a couple, held each other accountable, and had some friendly competition against each other. thanks RBBC for helping us grow closer together, stronger and smaller!


Natalie Cummins

With a 13/3/1 year old at home, I've lost my way to the gym and It's been almost 4 years since I've stepped foot inside a gym. My kids and their activities are my life and I've put myself on hold for the past few years. I finally found something that worked for all of us, yummy food and play time at the gym while mommy got her workouts in. I didn't expect to be a super model post the 8 weeks but I'm definitely stoked on the disappearing "Back Fat" that has been a never ending struggle for my entire Adult life. ๐Ÿ˜‚
This camp changed me in so many ways, most importantly with my cooking choices that affect my whole family and the ability to find time for ME!!! Looking forward to Season 14!
Thank you, Kristin Wiebe for encouraging me and Thank You, Get Fit for the having some amazing trainers on board!

Curt Pernice

I want to thank all of the trainers and coaches as well. Like all these other inspiring bootcampers, this has been an amazing experience for me. I truely am blessed to be able to do this with my two supportive and incredible daughters. God has blessed my wife and I with four close friends, our kids. This experience allowed me to be challenged by them as well as enjoy the results they have obtained. All of those involved have been a great inspiration. I love the stories. All of team Diana have been and remain fortunate to have such a thoughtful and caring coach in Diana Waterford. She never quit on us even when we felt like giving up. Last April I was 53 lbs heavier and my blood pressure at times was 175/125. My first bootcamp was great with team Daniel. Frankly I did not think I could surpass those numbers. Diana believed me and I lost 12% of my body fat (down to 13.5%) and 12 lbs (actually 17; I went on an eating spur after weigh in). Im on no medication and my medibolical age droped from 26 to 16!!!! Im younger than my kids ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Frankly I did not expect these results. I was shocked. Tonight I'll wear a medium shirt. No more XXL. Thanks to all. Diana I dont know how you possibly put up with me you are an inspiration. I know I have been very challenging!!! You counted my berries and corn kernels and put up with my silly videos. You had spies!!!! Thank you. What a blessing you are to all of us. I am most thankful for my wife who spent most if this bootcamp taking care of her mom in Germany. As busy as she has been she checked on me multiple times a day and kept me focused. I thank God everyday for her. She is my best friend and I'm her biggest fan. I get to go to Germany to be with her on Sunday. I hope she recognizes me!!!!!

Mike Garcia

As I sat in the office this Monday morning I felt compelled to write this post to express my sincere appreciation for the RBBC coaches, Get Fit and its community of members.
I joined Get Fit a year ago with mixed emotion based on my past. I was once a very active athlete playing multiple sports and had a strong dedication to the gym & health. I was also training for my first body building competition that would actually never come to fruition due to an injury sustained while training. 9 years ago I had a major back surgery that actually took 2 attempts because after the first one I had no function in the lower half of my body. It was a long road to recovery physically and mentally! Here I was an active ~20 year old one day and the next I was bedridden for a month, developing atrophy, out of work for 4 months and mentally unstable from it all.
I have wanted to get back into shape for years (8+) however could not find that sustainable resource that met my needs until I joined Get Fit. RBBC 13 was just a step to help solidify this relationship between myself and whole health. For me it's not about losing a few pounds or putting on a few pounds of lean muscle. I simply want to feel good again, both physically and mentally!
Again, thank you all for the support in achieving this goal. I now have a brighter outlook on the future as I tackle the next.