Personal Training: is it right for you?


Personal Training: Yes or No?

The Weekly Blobby

I love being a group fitness trainer and client at Get Fit. There are so many benefits to group fitness that as members of Get Fit we all get to experience first hand. However, for some of you, personal training may be a good option. I have been in discussions recently about personal training versus group training and specifically, when is personal training appropriate.

That said, do not misunderstand my purpose, I am not trying to get you to sign up for personal training. I do want to help you understand how it may help.

Consider these benefits:

1. It is individualized. A personal trainer is going to give you individual attention. We give one on one focus on your fitness needs and will design a program tailored especially for you.

2. It is educational. New participants to fitness learn the right way to use equipment, complete exercises, the basics of fitness philosophy, and gain a fitness baseline before jumping into a mainstream fitness program. Experienced participants will also benefit from the educational process involved in personal training, learning how to progress their workouts in all settings.

3. It is specialized. We can help you focus on defined needs:

a. build strength or increase endurance

b. a weaker muscle group (e.g. shoulders)

c. a general area of concern (e.g. upper body strength)

d. injury recovery

4 It is progressive. By that, I mean it will take you to the next level. I know for many, you get stuck on a plateau and sometimes it seem almost impossible to move ahead. It is our job to monitor you progress and design workouts that will move you off that plateau to the next level.

5 It is timely. It has a beginning and end. You are not committing to a long-term process.

For many of you, you are right where you should be. Keep up the good work and watch your fitness and overall quality of life improve. For those of you who have read this and recognize you may be a good candidate for personal training, stop by our front desk or email and we will get you the information you need to make the right decision.