Mission Possible



Athletes For Adoption + Get Fit Modesto = AFA CHALLENGEFit

Fundraise * Train *Race together

Team Goals:

- Fundraising for God’s Grace Adoption Ministry

- Raise awareness of orphans throughout the world

- Teambuilding

- Obstacle course race training

- Have a great time!

- Leave no person behind

- Encourage 1st time participation

- Challenge the competitive athlete

Objectives for 2016

- Be awarded the Largest Team at the Spartan Super San Francisco (Patterson, CA)

- Train AFA CHALLENGFit Competitive Athletes to rank us as the fastest team at the Spartan Super San Francisco

Join the AFA CHALLENGEFit Facebook group for training and race info: www.facebook.com/groups/challengefit/

Will you race for orphans and raise money to support adoption? Join the Athletes For Adoption Fundraising team at www.athletesforadoption.org.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)

The obstacle course race season is now in full swing after 16 AFA CHALLENGEFit team members completed the Battlefrog Race this past weekend in Sonoma County! What is an obstacle course race? Not to be confused with a “mud run”, an obstacle course race is an event where a competitor traveling on foot must overcome physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Mud and trail runs are combined and the races are designed to be mentally and physically challenging. Obstacles include, but are not limited to, climbing over walls, memorizing a number sequence, traversing bodies of water, climbing a rope, crawling under barbed wire and jumping over fire. Many obstacles are similar to those used in military training while others are unique to obstacle racing and are employed throughout the course to test endurance, strength, speed and agility.

AFA CHALLENGEFit was born last year as a partnership between Get Fit Modesto and the Athletes For Adoption fundraising team. The goal of this team is to raise money for God’s Grace Adoption Ministry and raise awareness of orphaned children locally and throughout the world. God’s Grace Adoption Ministry, established in Modesto in 1998, provides financial grants to Christian families seeking to adopt. This foundation is operated entirely by volunteer staff and has given over 1 million dollars in adoption grants helping 244 orphans into forever families. The AFA CHALLENGEFIT team has and is still making a huge impact on the lives of orphans!

Team Athletes

Last year approximately 30 AFA CHALLENGEFit team members participated in Spartan races in San Francisco, Monterey, Sacramento and the World Championship course in Squaw Valley. Team members have two basic options on race day. Run with the group or race it as an individual athlete. Those running with the team will stay together on the course and help each other over walls and difficult obstacles. There is no person left behind. The focus of this group is teamwork and completing the course together without a concern for time. This group may not be the fastest but it will be the most encouraging and fun group on the course!

Competitive Team Athletes

If you are an accomplished athlete and want to race the course you may compete as an AFA CHALLENGEFit Competitive Athlete. The goal of these individuals is to run the course fast and represent this team among other competitive athletes. At Spartan races, teams are ranked on the 4 fastest athletes on the team. We are currently seeking volunteers to compete in races and make AFA CHALLENGEFit the 1st place team!






Scheduled Training and Races for 2016

Training is free to anyone in our community



You are needed and we want you. To begin training with the team show up to the next scheduled training. Join the facebook group listed above for this info. While fundraising is not a requirement for team members it is encouraged. This is a way to make your hard work count for a much greater purpose than yourself. Visit www.athletesforadoption.org to join the fundraising team.

We look forward to a great race season as the Athletes For Adoption CHALLENGEFit Team!!

For further information contact Loren Thompson at lthompson@ggam.orgtemp-post-image