Michelle's Journey: Taking a Hard Year and Choosing to Make It Better


2016 Year in Review

I'm Not sure why it is so hard to share about myself, but it is. I love sharing about others victories in life, health and fitness. People are so inspiring, especially Get Fitters, and what might seem small to them, is a big deal for others to hear and that is rewarding. With that said, I am going to attempt to share with you my victories this past year.

For this to make sense you should know that the year 2015 was the hardest year of my life so far. I experienced heartache in many areas and by the end of the year I was saying, “I am so glad 2015 is over”. Something about a new year made me feel like there was a light coming and things would get better. I had fallen back in my health and nutrition as well and needed a fresh start. I could close the book of hurt and start new. SO I DID!

Being the Director of Get Fit’s Boot Camps I am always asked, “Can Boot Camp or Food Fit help me?”, or “I did it before, should I do it again?” and nearly 100% of the time the answer is yes! So I asked myself how was I going to get back on track? How is 2016 going to be so much better than 2015? How was I going to take what I have learned, what I share with others, all the inspiration that I witnessed and use it to get me back moving towards whole health again? I naturally and without hesitation said… Boot Camp!............ and with a small hesitation….. Food Fit! Yes, I was hesitant.

After spending a month or so regrouping and refocusing my time, I committed myself to The Change Up, a 4 week version of our 8 week Boot Camp. I was very busy with life and kicking off our largest Boot Camp to date. Although, I wish I could have done 8 weeks, but yes, the Director of Boot Camp with Get Fit signed up for her own Boot Camp.

So many thoughts… so many!

What will people think? They will know I don’t have it together! I will be judged. I have done this before I don’t do I really need to do this again?

I thought, maybe I will just do it on my own till the 4 week Change Up starts and decide if I really needed it. Well, I quickly realized, I didn’t know 100% how to do it on my own. I had all the recipes, I was involved already with Boot Camp, but I was still struggling.

I then realized, it was the accountability. I had no one checking on me to make sure I was staying on track. It was easy for me to get my portions out of whack. I am a very hands on person. I like to be involved and love community, so for me, this was a wake up call that I did need the accountability. I needed a coach. So, I was IN! I signed up. 4 weeks!!!

The Change Up was awesome. I didn’t feel judged, instead people told me that I was inspiring them because I was real and needed Boot Camp too! I leaned out, a cloud lifted, and my fit test increased a ton. With the help and accountability of my coach I had 4 weeks of success and loved every minute of it. 2016 was really off to a better start.

As we got closer to any of our Boot Camps and Food Fit programs starting I am always sharing how awesome they are. How there is nothing like the community and love surrounding our programs. That lives are changed and people are moving towards whole health.

Then, and it happens every season, I would have someone ask me THE question: the chilling question that I dreaded answering. The question that challenged me every time and I avoided like it was the plague:

“We know you have done Boot Camp, but have you done Food Fit?”

I would say, with a gulp, “no, I have not done Food Fit…. YET!” You see, Food Fit is a whole new challenge. It is a experiment on your body. It is a detox that helps you learn what foods you are clinging too, what food causes that stomach pain, or that cloudy head feeling. I was not ready for that, I didn’t know why I was not ready, but I wasn’t. I thought I knew which foods caused problems… I was good! Except, I wasn’t. I often had a cloudy head feeling, stomach aches and joint pain. I could convince many to do it, but what testimony did I have? How could I tell someone, “yes, do this!” and not have done it myself? UGH!

One thing I tell many after the workouts I train, and they are all feeling fatigue and tired and dead from working out so hard is … “I don’t make you do anything I wouldn’t do”. YIKES! I was eating my words when it came to telling others to challenge themselves and do Food Fit.

One amazing program that came out of 2016 is our Hybrid Program. This program is a blend of our awesome Boot Camp and Food Fit in one. As we got closer to Season 15 starting this past August, the Lord made it clear, almost audibly, that Ryan (my husband) and I were doing Hybrid. I was finally going to be able to say “Yes, I have done it”.

So here I was again, filled with emotion and hesitation. Worried about what others think. AGAIN.

What did I do? What I always do. Take the attention off of me and sign someone else up (Ha!) --My husband.

We do everything together, so I naturally had to get him on board, if he said no, I was out and I was ok with that, even if the Lord told me to (I know, I know!). I imagine this time would be like pulling teeth to sign him up. I thought he would for sure say, “that is crazy, I am not doing that”. I knew that Hybrid was the best option for him. His mom had done it the season before and had great success!! He deals with knee pain, back problems, and he too would get the cloudy head feeling. So I prayed, and yep, I clearly had to ask him.

When I asked Ryan, he looked at me, smiled and I knew he was not in for it and I found my out.

Or so I thought...

He actually said, “Yes, we should do it!”. I was excited, and shocked and FREAKED OUT!


But we did it, and we stuck to it 100%. It was the one of the biggest challenges we have done. Not that it was hard, like a Spartan race hard, but mentally hard. I learned so much about myself and at some points it made me crazy, but it was 100% worth it. I knew that I was addicted to sugar, I am a candy junkie, but I learned that it was causing my joints to feel achy and inflamed. I learned that avocado is not my friend, even though it is very good for you, for me, it is not-- stomach aches for days. I learned that some corn items are not tolerated in my system either. But what I learned most, was that I didn’t need all the junk. I made it 30 days and then some with re-introductions. I did not lose muscle, I had more energy, I know what I can eat and what I should stay away from, which by the way is different for everyone. You cannot learn this till you do the experiment. My husband’s joint pain and cloudiness went away as well. He was working out harder then ever and we learned that I pretty much was starving him. Hahaha. He needed way more food than I was giving him. Poor guy!


Basically, HYBRID helped us feel AMAZING!

Now, when someone asks me “have you done it?”. I can pretty much scream “YES! and it was awesomely hard, but I would do it again”.

And when someone asks me “Would you do Boot Camp more than once?” I can say “YES! Accountability is for ME! There is no shame in doing multiple Boot Camps. I like the accountability and structure and I for sure would do all of it again!”. Some are good with just meal plans and that is okay too!

2016 was way better than 2015.

For this new year I’m looking forward to continuing toward whole health, because, you see, it does not stop. You can get there, you can have whole health, but it is not like finishing a marathon and you have a finish line. You train like there is no finish line for whole health. You continue to learn, you continue to grow, you continue to move.

How are you going to tackle 2017? What is going to move YOU towards whole health?

Boot Camp Sign Ups are happening NOW! We kick off Boot Camp, Food Fit and Hybrid on January 14.

Invest in yourself! It is so worth it.