Love The Run You're With


On March 20, 2016, I ran my first half marathon: the Modesto Marathon half.

I was scared to death!

I had only committed to running about 3 months prior. I always said I wasn’t a runner, I preferred to cheer on my husband, Marty in all his running adventures from the sidelines. Our kids and I always burned the midnight oil making fun signs, and coming up with creative ways to cheer daddy on for whatever race he had signed up for the next day. You see, I had always been comfortable in this role. I maintained a good workout schedule at Get Fit. Then one day I decided to tag along for a Tuesday track workout at MJC and I loved it! I then decided right then and there that I was going to focus on my own personal journey to a half marathon. I had 3 months to get it right! My first 1 mile run had me in tears, I couldn’t go ¼ mile without stopping or trying to catch my breath. I was convinced I made a huge mistake.

After much encouragement from Marty, I pushed forward and soon my ¼ mile turned into ½ without stopping and slowly but surely I started making huge strides and I broke barriers that I didn’t think I ever could! I cried tears of joy when I ran my first mile without stopping. I was proud of myself and seeing my husband light up with each of my personal records made me a very proud wife!temp-post-image

Marty and I have bonded over running and training. We have taken our training at Get Fit to the next level with Run Fit. Marty has always been a fast runner, yet he has spent many… many hours slowing down for me, encouraging, cheering and supporting me along the way.

I have since completed 3 half marathons since my first half less than a year ago. I have Run Fit and my husband to thank! My last ½ half was Big Sur in November 2016 and I took 30 minutes off my time. I could have never done this without the specialized training I’ve received and an encouraging husband.

The coaches at Run Fit are nothing short of amazing. I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a training program with Run Fit to “Just do it!” Don’t be intimidated like I was for so long. I guarantee you will be blown away with your capabilities. Bring the one you love too! I’m so thankful for Marty’s encouragement and for Run Fit for helping to keep that fire under me lit!temp-post-image