Liz's Fit Coaching Journey


My name is Liz Borba and I’m 28 years old and currently reside in Modesto, California. I’m a dance teacher at Central Catholic High School, as well as the head cheer coach for both the Junior Varsity & Varsity squad. I also teach dance at 5678 Dance Studio where I’ve been dancing for twenty-three years. Last but not least I’m a hair dresser at Friend’s Salon in Ripon!

My life is crazy and hectic, and at the same time I’m devoted to being healthier and to making that life change. The most exciting news of all is I’m getting married September 24th of this year, which gave me the good old kick in the pants to get in shape! The motivation through this process has been unreal but there have been struggles as well.

So just about eight weeks ago I decided to take the plunge of fit coaching and bettering my health. I have wanted to lose weight for a long time now, to make myself happy again and gain that confidence on my BIG DAY. I really struggle with cravings for naughty foods and tend to binge eat on the weekends. I constantly tell myself “it’s fine, it’s the weekend. I will just have one cookie”, which leads to two or three. Or I tend to tell myself I already ate badly all day what’s one more cookie? When your mind is telling you, you REALLY want a piece of cake it’s hard to take control and say NO. It feels like there’s a magnetic force pulling you towards the foods you know you shouldn’t eat. I think during these moments we lose sight of all the reasons why we want to lose weight, having that cake seems like a better idea, until afterwards.

That’s what fit coaching has really helped me with: taking charge and being accountable for myself.

Accountability for MYSELF is the biggest accomplishment I’ve made through all of this. I’m in such a great state of mind now where I’m out at a function and I don’t want/need that cake or cookie anymore. It has become a routine for myself to cook/meal prep on Sunday’s and be packed and ready go for that long week ahead. I love fueling my body with all of these nutritious foods to keep myself going throughout my very busy week. My energy level has been through the roof (especially being able to keep up with these young high school kids). Don’t get me wrong I had struggles along the way but the outcome of all of this has really been life changing.

With every goal there is a struggle, I know my biggest struggle was not worrying about what the scale said and realizing how amazing I felt and looked. It’s crazy how a scale with ridiculous numbers on it can make you feel down. I finally realized taking the scale out of my home and just focusing on how I felt was only going to help me progress, and it totally did! The best part of all this was having someone by my side through this whole process. My Fit Coach, Kristin, really was my number one fan and constantly pushing me to be my best. She taught me to be accountable for myself so that I can make this a life-style change!

Five things I live by:

1. Take care of your body

2. Throw away your scale and negative self-talk that goes with it

3. Forgive yourself

4. Be truthful with yourself

5. Be patient with yourself

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**Before and After picture is of Liz's progress after just 5 weeks!**