Life After Rock Body Boot Camp. Sam's Story.


8-week transformation during RBBC

There were many other changes in my diet and daily routines that I continue to practice after RBBC. Let me tell you though, RBBC goes deeper than just knowledge of food. It also involves proving to yourself that once you decide to make changes for yourself and make the commitment, you will not want to stop after your 8 weeks are finished. I have been so inspired by this new lifestyle that I have dedicated my free time to finding and making healthy recipes and posting them on a blog for friends and family to enjoy. One of the best feelings after RBBC was the recognition from other people, noticing how much I had changed in just 8 weeks... yet the biggest complement of all was the influence I had on others once they saw how dedicated and successful I had become. They too wanted to change their life. Never once did I think I could inspire people, but I am and that brings my heart so much joy.

My self-esteem and all around happiness was being bogged down with the constant reminders of my weight. I hit a point in my life where I said enough is enough. Every excuse I ever made was not good enough for me anymore. My doctor had recently told me I was in a "higher" risk for health issues if I did not get my act together. This scared the crap out of me especially because I am so young and my husband and I want to have children. Well, here I am today, two and a half months later seeing progress in myself physically and mentally that I never imagined. A little over 8 weeks ago a flyer caught the corner of my eye about a boot camp that was getting ready to start. As I was reading the flyer while walking to my car, something compelled me to turn around and sign up. BEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE. Whoa! I think my results physically speak volumes about the success of RBBC. Who would have thought that an 8-week long program focusing on a "clean" lifestyle would give me the tools I needed to change everything I know today about my life and how I fuel my body. Today I am 25 pounds lighter and down 16.67 inches! This journey is just the beginning. Let me be proof to you that great things are possible when you pour your heart and soul into what you want.


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