Kellie's Yoga Journey



I have always been a pretty active person, whether it’s sports, walking the dogs, going on hikes or just going for runs. After graduating high school, I attended MJC, where I was introduced to my first yoga class. I fell in love with what the class did for me physically and mentally; however, I did not stick with it once that semester ended.

About two years later I moved to Fresno and attended Fresno State. I got a job working night shifts as a server at a local brewery. I was working with my closest friends in a chaotic and fun environment; that’s when my life had turned into one big party. My mental and physical health was pushed aside by the stress of school and the lack of self-control when it came to my social life. After one of our busier nights at work I sat down at the bar with the other servers who were off and we started drinking. One thing had lead to another and I found myself being charged with driving under the influence later that night. As you can imagine this was an extremely devastating moment.

After the shock of what happened wore off, I purchased a membership at one of the local yoga studios by my house to help get me out of my “poor me” attitude. Making time to go to a yoga class or practicing it at home was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. After just a few days of yoga classes I was in an amazing mental state of calmness and acceptance and I was truly happy, even with everything that was going on: school, work and the consequences that came with getting a DUI. I made it a point to get on my mat everyday, no matter how long I was on it for, it only mattered that I made the effort to do some yoga.

After the “wind died down” from my hectic schedule I couldn’t help but notice how antsy I had become. My attitude was negative, I found myself becoming short tempered and high strung. Even worse, I was depressed. After one particular bad day, it dawned on me…I couldn’t remember the last time I had been on my mat! Once I found time to change that, I noticed an instant adjustment from the sad, negative, and angry person I had become to the calm, focused and happy person I once was. Once again I felt like the best version of myself.

Life proceeded to follow with not much happening. I was working and going to school and just kind of existing. There came to a point in my schooling where I was getting nowhere. I was frustrated, exhausted and failing most of my classes. I made the hard decision to drop out of school and just continue to work. This went on for about a year when my partying caught up to me again. I decided I needed something to change before things got worse. I moved home, back into my parent’s house, which didn’t help my depression. I was sleeping all day; I was unmotivated to do any kind of exercise, I was still drinking a lot; an emotional time bomb waiting to explode. Noticing yoga was absent I again went to a studio, here at home, and started on my journey back to self-acceptance and a happier state of mind.

In October, I left for Dallas for 5 weeks and attended a yoga teacher-training program; something I was always interested in doing and finally got the opportunity to do. Being in the studio 5 days a week 8 hours a day was the fresh start I needed to get my emotions under control. I once again was happy, content, and accepted in the place I was in and the past regrets I was battling.

Everyday I still fight with the emotional rollercoaster inside of me. Some days are amazing and I feel great, other days not so much. No matter the highs and lows I go though, I always know coming back to my mat is where I need to be. Even if it is a short 30 minutes, it is what my mind and body beg me for. I am truly grateful to have found yoga and excited to share it with the Get Fit community. No matter what your situation I feel in some way yoga can help heal! I don’t practice to get better at yoga; I practice to get better at life.

– Namaste