Keeping In Step With The Holidays

Keeping In Step With The Holidays

The Weekly Blobby: by Bobby Fisher


It’s that time of the year when I am suppose to encourage you to stay on track, don’t compromise, walk right past that bowl of M & M’s…blah, blah

Not gonna happen!

Let’s face it, this is a special time of the year and it is unrealistic to say, “don’t change a thing”. However, I am not saying, “Stop exercising and eat anything you want - everything is OK and worry about it in January.” There is a better way to approach the holidays and come out on the other side without losing all your gains over the last several months.

There is one important variable I want to address first. Each of us is different. Some of you are coming back from an injury, some have been working on significant weight loss, some are 28 and some (like me) are a lot older! So as you read this, do so through realistic lenses concerning your personal fitness journey.

That said, I do suggest these three steps for a great holiday season.

Step 1 Plan It

For most of us, we are going to holiday parties, family gatherings and will have a busier schedule. Look at your holiday schedule and make choices. That’s right, choose the events where you know you are going outside your norm. It’s OK! A bad plan is no plan at all, that is, just entering the holidays with no plan for managing your activities. This includes your fitness regimen as well. Know when you are going to have a short week but don’t stop your regimen just because it’s the holidays.

Step 2 Schedule It

I am a huge fan of scheduling. Get your calendar out and look over December. Consider all the events I noted in Step1 and write down your plan. Mark the dates and times you are going to exercise in your calendar and consider them a priority. I know life happens, but do not let a non-essential opportunity distract you from your schedule. I consider my workouts a priority and don’t mind saying, “I have an appointment, can we meet a little later”. Also, pick the events that you know are going to be ‘food fests’ and decide how you are going to approach them and then write it down. It is OK to go outside your normal regimen if you are in control of your schedule.

Step 3 Execute It

It’s easy to say ‘just do it’, but this can be a lot easier said than done. I suggest you have an accountability partner. Your spouse, good friend, or workout buddy may be the right partner for you. Check in with them every couple of days and share with one another how you are doing. Share your successes and own your ‘misses’ because they happen to all of us. Additionally write it down. You can write comments right in your calendar or keep a holiday journal. Instead of beating yourself up over the one miss, celebrate the six previous wins on the calendar. Be quick to forgive yourself and move on, it is not an all or nothing process.

Yes the holidays are here, and yes it can be a challenging time, but apply these three steps and you can have a great holiday season without feeling like a loser come January.


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