Kate is back in her favorite jeans



"I pulled out my old Hudson jeans that I haven't been able to wear in over 2 years... they wouldn't even pull up past my thighs when I last tried them on in May when I started Get Fit. I had just been cleared to workout after having my daughter late September of 2015 (I was at my heaviest even before getting pregnant.... fat and happy in my relationship as they say lol) and I was the biggest I'd ever personally been and super self-conscious. Well these bad boys not only slipped right on but they buttoned with ease. I'm embarrassed to say that I got so excited that I called my husband at work and I may or may not have screamed to the point of scaring my dog. But really, I post all the time but I mean it when I say how thankful I am to have found this gym. Not only for my personal victories but for getting to know all the amazing trainers/front desk ladies and Get Fitters alike! I feel so good and my husband is thankful I don't need to go buy any new pants."

Congratulations, KATE!