Jill's FOODFit Journey


My foodfit journey I don't think is ending I think it is just beginning.
I started FOODFit after enjoying how I felt during the Rock Body Bootcamp. Seeing how much I was cooking and all the food I was eating, my husband Michael said we should make the change for the entire family. We have busy lives as most people do and often rely on quick meals or takeout. We have three boys 8,4, and 1 and they can put away some food. The funny thing is they are rail thin and look as though I do not feed them.
So we started Fuel Food and it was... interesting. The first three days we were all cranky and irritated at each other. Michael and I started laughing at one point because we knew what was happening and why but it is amazing to feel so bad during detox. After about the fourth day everyone started feeling better. My oldest was on board and loved the new lunches I was packing him. No more fast food or pizza Fridays. His friends were a little shocked as well when they came over on friday and I had fruits and veggies for them instead of their usual pizza and breadsticks but they are still coming back so they must have been ok with it.
Michael and I always go out on Saturdays to just be with each other and we would grab a bite to eat somewhere but we opted not to go out to eat. Instead, we decided to go golfing or shopping (we did a lot more shopping) and went to the blood bank and he donated blood. One weekend we even wound up with a puppy... still not sure how that happened. Most of the time the family was supportive there were a few times that my mom tried to get the kids Mcdonalds telling me they need fat, I replied they need good fat not crap. She left it alone after that.
After that first week everything just got much easier, we were able to get into routines and I would prep food ahead of time when I had to go away on business. The way we curbed cravings was just to not bring it into the house. If it was not there then it would not be tempting.
The best change I have been able to see is Jason my oldest son and his stomach problems. He always had digestive problems that left him crying every week or so and now that it completely gone. He noticed first by saying, "I like eating healthy, my belly has not hurt in a long time." That has been the biggest relief.
Sunday has become our cook day. After church we go to Raley's, get our food, and then we prep until dinner time.We did weigh-ins and I lost eight pounds in this thirty days and Michael lost 15.
The biggest change for me is my sleep. I actually do it now. After a traumatic event years ago I just could not turn my mind off at night. A few hours of sleep at night was the best I got. So I am happy to report that I was late for work three times because I slept in. I never set an alarm so it was amazing when Michael would wake me up and say, "aren't you supposed to be at work?" I feel good and tired at night and will wake up maybe once during the night but that is usually it.
Michael loves not having to rely on caffeine to get him through the day and he enjoys all the cooking I am doing.
I appreciate the time that is put into FOODFit and it really shows by the quality of information that is taught.