It's January 1 And We Are Kicking New Years Resolutions To The Curb


New Years Resolutions-- personally I hate them, and I won’t apologize for saying hate. A New Years resolution is supposed to be a year long goal, most people don’t even make it 31 days……. In the last 8 years I have NEVER made one and won’t EVER make one again. They used to be on my mind every year before Thanksgiving as it gave me permission to eat and drink whatever I wanted because I knew come January I would be done and ready to feel and look better. Yes my New Year resolutions ALWAYS had to do with weight. Come with me for a minute into my thought process and experiment with the mental side of why I hate new years resolutions……

Let's go back a few months and talk a bit about the holidays: you know Thanksgiving……. and then party it up, drink and eat what you want until January 1st when you can’t handle it anymore. We have all been here, throwing in the towel and letting all of our regular routines go out the window knowing we will have a chance to redeem ourselves come January. It is so mental to be in that mindset and to be honest quite exhausting. I have learned that heading into these seasons I have to have a plan, a plan to keep my exercise schedule, a plan to eat good unless something is worth it, a plan to say yes and a plan to say no.

This has taken me years to figure out and honestly I don’t think I have it all figured out it's just what works for me…… right now. I have made many resolutions year in and year out, some victories but mostly failures. WHY? The reason I was making these resolutions were all the wrong reasons.

SO why do I hate New Years Resolutions? It is ALL mental. Our minds are very powerful, we can talk ourselves into something and very quickly get uncomfortable and talk ourselves out of it, just by having an inner conversation with ourselves. Have you been there? I have! 92% of New Years goals fail by Jan 15th. I do believe that every person needs to come into each year, each week, each day with an intention and a goal as to what they would love to accomplish. We need to do this so that our intentions and goals become a habit and a lifestyle.

So because I hate New Years Resolutions am I telling you not to make them? YES. I want you to change the way you think. Change your mindset. Set goals and intentions for the right reasons not just because it is January 1st and its a new year.

Here are a few tips to keep those intentions and goals NOT New Years resolutions, only 8% of those people keep them:

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE - Write out your intentions and goals on a piece of paper. Look at your year as a whole and make goals for each week or each month.

2. MAKE IT TANGIBLE - While losing 30 pounds in a year sounds realistic you need to write out how. Example - Do bootcamp, FoodFit, Fit Coaching, make it to the studio 4-5 x a week, whatever it is to make it achievable

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - If you come to a bump in the road DON'T quit! Get back up and keep going. Go back to your intention and your goal and continue on. Give yourself small times to accomplish these goals, then set another one. Continuing to do this will help you reach the big goal without it feeling its so far away.

4. SHARE IT - Vocalize your goals with family and friends to gain support and accountability. The more those around us know our intentions and goals the better the chance we have of accomplishing them.

5. THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS - Take your thoughts captive. Be nice to yourself. Write out why your’e making goals. Write it out, pin it up; you will need to be able to look at these to remind yourself why you are here, and what you are doing. This is not a quick fix this is about changing our mindset in why we do what we do.



By Heather Sutton, Director of Nutrition at Get Fit Modesto