How To Decide What Program Is Right For You

To Boot Camp or not to Boot Camp,

That is the Question?

Recently, I was involved in a conversation about boot camps. The question was pretty straightforward – “When should someone join a boot camp?” The answer is a little more complex.

It comes down to two issues:

  1. what kind of boot camp are you looking for?
  2. what kind of boot camp is being offered?


There are boot camps focused solely on fitness, that is, helping you get physically stronger. You will probably lose some weight, and also see some body shape changes. All of these are good things, but if the focus is on fitness, than look for results there. Twice a year Get Fit offers a Boot Camp called ‘The Change Up” that focuses primarily on fitness.



There are also nutritional camps that focus on our diet. They are Great! Get Fit has an amazing program called Food Fit. If your desire is to eat better, learn about nutrition, want to see if food will help you with an illness, or are curious what your body can and can't tolerate this is the program for you. Local clients will meet on Monday Nights at 6:30 at Greens on 10th for class. Food Fit provides you with 30 days of Fuel Food (lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and TONS of greens) followed by 10 days of food reintroduction. In the 10 days of food reintroduction, you will discover what foods cause you to feel achy, give you headaches, sinus issues, etc. you will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself!

We have had clients healed from arthritis, go off thyroid medication, discover that their body hurts from eating grains/dairy...the list goes on and on!



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On January 14, 2017, Get Fit will kick off Boot Camp 16. In my humble opinion, this is the best Fitness and Nutrition boot camp in the Central Valley. It is a combination of fitness, nutrition and accountability that will provide maximum results for those who will commit to 8 weeks. Every camper has a coach to come alongside them for the entire camp.

  • All of our fitness classes are led by certified personal trainers and designed to challenge all levels of physical fitness. This season we are making available digital monitoring as a part of our boot camp experience.
  • Each camper is provided with a weekly menu that they are expected to follow as closely as possible. Their coach will help them deal with any specific issues that may arise.
  • Their coach will literally be in contact with them daily to insure they are staying on track. For me, this personal accountability took me to the next level in my fitness journey.



Additionally, Get Fit offers a Hybrid camp that takes you to the next level on your nutrition as you participate in the 8-week camp. Hybrid Boot Campers do 2 weeks of regular Boot Camp meal plans and fitness, followed by 30 days of Fuel Food (lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and tons of greens) and 10 days of food reintroduction.

There are limited spots available so stop by the front desk for more details.

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If you still are not sure what is best for your fitness journey, talk to any of our trainers or Front Desk staff, we will help you make the call or point you in the right direction. I unabashedly believe we are the best studio in the central valley and know you will benefit from being a part of a boot camp.

-By Bobby Fisher