Haley's Story


I started Get Fit because I was going through a major life change and needed something positive to focus on. I wanted to be the best mom and woman I could be and I know that I feel my best when I'm in shape. I had let myself get complacent after two kids and hadn't really exercised in years. I wanted a personal trainer to start out with to really get me in gear and keep me on track. Kayla (rockstar trainer!!) was my trainer for 16 sessions and she changed the game for me! I have tried weight loss programs in the past (calorie counting and cardio crazy) and while the pounds came off, it never became a lifestyle.

Get Fit has pushed me further than I thought I could go and introduced me to new moves that are actually enjoyable (hello ball slams and battle ropes!). After my 16 sessions with Kayla I joined as a regular member and it was the best decision I could have made. I crave the classes. I use each class as therapy and let all my stress, anger, frustration and passion out on that black rubber floor. I look forward to see how much sweat I can drip and how many reps it will take before my body gives up.

I have found so much more than weight loss here (16 lbs and two pant sizes lost so far). I have found an inner strength I didn't know I had and it has carried over into all aspects of my life. I have found joy again. I'm a better mom and an all around better person. Taking control of my health was the turning point of me getting my life back. I am so grateful for the unique setting Get Fit provides. Classes never get boring, everyone is so welcoming and supportive, the atmosphere is filled with positive energy and no one judges each other. Each class feels like a family of strangers coming together to be better versions of themselves than when they walked in the door. I always leave in a good mood. How I feel and the feedback I get from family and friends is proof that Get Fit has changed my life.temp-post-image