We all set them. Some people achieve them, and others of us are so far away from reaching them that we just say “forget it” and start running in the opposite direction. Sometimes our goals just seem like these unattainable dreams. As 2015 is quickly approaching the majority of people are contemplating what their New Year’s resolutions will be, and the goal that is typically at the top of people’s list is (say it with me now)


That is my goal for 2015.

In September I gave birth to our first child, our daughter, Jovie Rose. She's a beast.temp-post-image

During the course of my pregnancy I gained a total of 39 pounds—which isn’t terrible, but to be honest, I wanted that number to be a lot lower than what it was. I walked about 3 miles nearly every day of my pregnancy, and tried to dig myself up off the couch a few days a week and get a workout in at the studio, but most days, I just felt miserable.


Prior to getting pregnant with Jovie, I ate fairly clean, but during pregnancy, if you offered me a smoothie or anything that was not a carb, sweet, or cheese I would be tossing my biscuits (literally--because biscuits were one of those delicious carbs I wanted all the time) in an instant.

Well now here I am, nearly four months postpartum, and I am finding it incredibly hard to go a day without sugar, and am struggling to shake these last pounds of pregnancy weight off. It's not that I don't have time, it's just that I'm not making time (I've been spending more time with baby burps than burpees). So of course I have a goal to lose weight, not because I desire to be skinny, but because more than anything, I want to be an example to my daughter of what it means to be a strong individual in all facets of life. I want Jovie to look at me one day and see strength: spiritually, emotionally, and physically.