Get Fit Helped My Husband Find Himself Again

Get Fit helped my husband find himself again.


I started going to Get Fit at the end of July after making excuses about why I couldn’t try it for way too long. After my first class I was hooked and have been going at least 5 times a week consistently ever since then. I used to run because I loved to eat, not because I loved to run. I had been looking for an exercise routine that I would really enjoy. I found it at Get Fit. I finally looked forward to exercising. I quickly noticed changes in my body and well-being and I wanted to share the love with my husband. After trying to get him to join for a month or two, I finally gave up trying. I didn’t want to push him too hard and he was already a dedicated exerciser so I didn't think he NEEDED it, but I thought it would be fun to work out together.

You see, he’s a world champion runner, literally.


He won the 24 hour world championships in 2013 and then he got injured. He had weird muscle issues, nerve symptoms, bone pain, and every time his training seemed to get going again, he would get derailed by pain and injury. Jon tried every treatment available to him. He saw chiropractors, massage therapists, and doctors, had x-rays, MRIs and tried injections. Nothing seemed to work. He would be able to run for a few days or weeks, and then have to stop again. Finally, in December of 2016, he decided he would stop running entirely rather than try to continue and become defeated every time the injuries came back.

The problem was that he was addicted to the competition of running and without it he had lost the joy in his life. He was trying to be a good husband and father and thought if he just poured himself into work he would be able to fill the void. In the meantime, I was worried about him. Jon wasn’t sleeping and he was constantly stressed. I knew he needed to have an outlet even if he couldn’t run. I was praying for him but trying to let him figure out what he would do. Then one day he told me he would try a class at Get Fit with me! I was overjoyed but I didn’t want to make too much of it. Well, the rest is history. We started going to the 5 a.m. class regularly, and some have noticed that we unintentionally match when we show up. ☺

Little by little Jon started trying to run again and he was successful. He’s been able to train consistently and is at the level that he won the Modesto Marathon this year and just ran the Run4Water race in Lebanon, Tennessee, in hopes of qualifying for the 24 hour World Championship team. He had to run more than 146 miles in 24 hours to qualify for the team. Jon won and will represent the USA in Belfast, Ireland, this July! He ran 154.58 miles in 24 hours!

Check out footage from the race here!


He credits this return to injury free running to the workouts he has been doing at Get Fit. He has more flexibility and core strength and this has enabled him to put in the long runs necessary to prepare for the World Championship team. While I am proud of his running accomplishments and the whole family hopes he qualifies (so we can go to Ireland to watch him), I am ever so much more grateful that I have my husband back. Running has been such a big part of Jon's life, that without it he was lost. Now, he is able to run again, and compete, and he has balance back in his life.

Thanks to Get Fit, we have been able to work out together (since I can’t run with him) and he makes me laugh again. Thank you to all the trainers and fellow 5 a.m. classmates who have helped transform my husband physically and mentally. I LOVE GET FIT AND WHAT IT HAS DONE FOR MY FAMILY.

Denise (on behalf of Jon) Olsen