Gaston & Brianna: Stronger Together

temp-post-imageAfter realizing we were both on a path to ruin our bodies by middle age, change was in order. It started with Brianna having the courage to say YES to an 8 week bootcamp at Get Fit and myself doing workouts at home while eating all the leftover food from the menu (this reminds me of a guy having trouble asking for directions). We had great results, but we also gained back a majority of the weight we had lost, and that doesn’t feel good for anyone. We saw that we weren’t alone in this experience and tried to think differently about food and health.

After a few months of eating a vegetarian meal plan and reeducating ourselves about the better/worse aspects of all the foods we were eating, we realized that eating a plant based meal plan was the best option for us for a few main reasons. Eating plant based is great for preventing and even treating many chronic diseases (special to me from my role as a nurse in our community). A good looking body can easily come as a byproduct of a plant based meal plan and a solid training program, and self-confidence can play a strong role in our lives. Also, it seemed like a compassionate choice for animals considering how beneficial it was for our own health. This is a sensitive subject for almost everyone, and we understand that. So we ‘went vegan’ as the saying goes and kept up with those hard Get Fit workouts throughout another bootcamp. Having no family or friends that were eating plant based, it was challenging creating the plant based menus, but like this blog is titled; STRONGER TOGETHER. After over a year of eating plant based and sticking with Get Fit workouts we have kept our bodies in shape easily, lowered our risk factors for chronic diseases more than ever before, and we’ve been exposed to a unique viewpoint of compassion beyond ourselves. All while having absolutely amazing food every day! After experiencing all of this, we wanted to pave a path for others to explore by creating Get Fit’s Plant Based Menu for Boot Camp! If sharing is caring then we love Modesto and our Get Fit COMMUNITY too much to do anything else. We are looking forward to coaching this next season!

Get Fit and everyone in it has made a bigger impact than many other things in our lives. In our time here we have strengthened our bodies, our minds, our relationships, friendships and we are forever grateful to this place that feels so much like home. Thank you to everyone for making our life together so much fuller.

With Love,
Brianna and Gaston