FOOD is GOOD, not GOD.


One of the biggest things I've learned over this past year of my life is that FOOD IS NOT GOD.

It became really easy for me to develop almost an elitist mentality because I was eating so much better than my husband or than my co-workers. Things like seeing more muscle growth, less body fat made me start obsessing over food and wanting to fuel just for my vanity. I spent so much extra energy talking about food - how it made me feel physically and often times I allowed it to rule my emotions.

This is still something I’m walking through the tension of, even this week. It’s tricky for me. I get in the middle of eating Fuel Food for Hybrid and it triggers the thoughts for me that food is my ultimate. It feels like that in some moments. It feels like the reason I’m existing is to eat my next meal or prepping food or thinking about shopping/prepping/washing dishes or I waste thirty minutes staring at people’s food on Instagram that I can’t eat right now. It can be all-consuming for my soul if I let it be.

I felt like I got to that point last fall. I was in a mid-week night of worship at church and it hit me so hard. Food was my idol. I was living in a way that it was taking the place of God in my heart. That night, I realized that I needed to place Jesus back on the throne of my heart. I mean, it’s FOOD Food that I was worshipping, in a sense. God – the creator, the one who died for the wrongs of all man-kind, the one who is completely powerful, the one who gives me grace to live for each day, the one who loves me, the one whom I exist for – he was getting pushed to the side for food.

FOOD IS GOOD but when we make food the ultimate thing in our life it begins consuming everything. We were not created for food to be our number one priority or be all-consuming.

Whatever season you find yourself in, I'd encourage you to take some time and think about your mental and emotional relationship with food.

  • Has food and eating clean become your number one priority?
  • Is it what your mind is dwelling on?
  • Is it being elevated above your marriage or kids or relationship with God or the activities that give you purpose?

We need to be people who know how to care for our bodies well, fuel our bodies well, and enjoy food in the process. But, more importantly we need to be people who live for a greater purpose.

Food fuels us to do the greater things in life. Food itself isn’t that greater thing.


Holly Merrell is a trainer at Get Fit Modesto and a Pastor at One Church.


Headshot by Kori and Jared Photography

Food Pic by The Butler's Pantry